Class Outline and Information

This is a ten-week curriculum, geared for women planning a hospital birth. Having had two home births, I fully support that option (and can give you information, and references if you wish to explore that option), and can tailor my curriculum to fit your needs. However, most women will statistically choose a hospital birth, and the hospitals in this area are not very conducive to natural birth; in fact, their policies are quite restrictive. This course is designed to cover what you need to know in order to decide for yourself what you will do in labor. You need to understand your options, and not just make your choice based on what someone else thinks is the best course of actionEach class begins and ends with a question-and-answer session. Bring any concerns about your present pregnancy or future anxiety and we’ll talk about them, and explore this wonderful, powerful time of life. I do not teach a particular “method” for giving birth. In fact, I believe that each woman has an innate knowledge of how to labor and give birth as best suits her, but all too often lacks the support she should have; and the natural instincts are buried under years of instilled fear of birth, and labor “horror stories.” Included in the curriculum are several exercises that can help you overcome the fear and tap into your intrinsic hidden strengths.

Class 1, Nutrition and exercise, for a healthy pregnancy and easier labor
Class 2, Tests during pregnancy and common pregnancy complaints
Class 3, History of childbirth—how modern labor practices came about
Class 4, Your options and rights in birth; true informed consent
Class 5, Pain relief (medical and non-medical
Class 6, First stage of labor
Class 7, Second stage of labor
Class 8, Labor induction and augmentation
Class 9, C-sections
Class 10, Post-partum

Classes are on Monday or Thursday evenings, starting at 6:00 p.m. Contact me for class starting date and directions to my home. The cost of the course includes the ten classes, a course book, and unlimited phone and email support, and is just $150. (If you cannot afford this, contact me to discuss reduced rates.Class size is limited to 4 women and their labor partners, so contact me early. You are encouraged to bring those who will attend you in labor, whether that is your husband, mother, best friend, etc. One of the most important factors in labor is the support you receive during it, and it is vitally important for your attendants all to be on the same page.Don’t have 10 weeks until your birth? Contact me to set up a private class, covering the most important features in the time you do have. Can’t make it in the evenings? Contact me to set up a private class during the day.

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