Poll question on birth prep

Over at our childbirth educators group blog, there’s a good, thought-provoking poll question on how we prepare ourselves for birth. Of course, the traditional way has always been talking to our mothers, aunts, older sisters, or others who may have given birth before us, but with so many of us in the West having moms who were knocked out for birth or were given drugs to forget labor, we’ve lost that vital connection. I can’t talk to my mom about birth, because all she knows is that contractions hurt, and when she woke up, she had a baby, a pubic shave, and a big episiotomy. Against her will, I might add. She was not given a choice in being knocked out, and she even begged them not to knock her out with me, her last baby (she was planning on getting her tubes tied), but they refused. Lovely. After giving birth four times, she still says, with regret in her voice, I have no idea what birth is like.

Anyway, go over to to the blog post and let us know what were your main sources in preparing for your birth!