There are none so blind as those who will not see

Recently, I read an online article that I can’t find any more, but haven’t been able to get off my mind. It was written by a man who chose to have himself circumcised as an adult. His father was intact, and left the man intact, but apparently he had some problems with his foreskin tearing painfully sometimes during sex, so chose to have it all removed, and is now a proponent of circumcision.

Among the benefits he saw, was that he could now have oral sex performed on him, since before then, the sensations were just way too intense, and did not register as pleasure. So, he proves that removing the foreskin reduces sexual feeling. No surprise there.

In the article, he says that he cannot think of a reason why not to circumcise any sons he may have. But — and this is where the title of my post comes from — in the article he wrote, he gives ample reason why he should leave his sons intact, if he could but view it this way. When he told his father that he was going to have himself cut, his father was incredulous, and just sort of shook his head in amazement and disbelief that his son would do that. What? You mean that his father may have actually liked being intact, and may have liked having a foreskin, and may not have had any pain or discomfort from being whole? Okay, so the son didn’t — I’ll accept that as true; but does it necessarily follow that his future sons would wish to cut like their father, rather than uncut like their grandfather? The man writing the article was glad to be circumcised; fine. But that was a choice he made for himself. Can’t he let his own sons make that choice themselves, rather than forcing it on them as infants? What if his sons grow up and are mad that they are cut? — there are plenty of men who were circumcised as infants who are sad or angry about it, or are at least curious as to what it might have been like to be intact. There are also men who were talked into being circumcised as adults who now regret their decision.

One thing is certain, once it’s done, you can’t undo it. [Well, there are those who attempt surgery or stretching to re-approximate their foreskins, but that takes time, and it’s still not the same as being uncut.]

So, open letter to this man who chose to have himself circumcised, and is now planning on making that choice for his sons: Remember your father’s dumbfounded reaction, think of how he shook his head in disbelief, when he found out that you wanted to remove part of your penis. Realize that he never regretted having his foreskin, and can only wonder why on earth you would want to remove yours. And realize that just as you are different from your father, and are glad to be circumcised, even so your sons may be different from you, and be glad to be intact.


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