Showing that there really is only one race — the human race

Absolutely fascinating story complete with pictures: a Nigerian couple has a pale-skinned baby with blond hair and blue eyes. She’s their third child, and the other two are the same color as the parents, namely fairly dark-brown. No mix-up — the woman had a C-section, and the baby was this color at birth. Neither of the parents knows of any white ancestors, but it seems that they both must have had one which ended up working its way through the genes unnoticed, until one baby received both genes for light skin color from the parents at the same time — rather like my brother’s red hair when there are no red-heads in either family for as far back as we know. Genetics is absolutely fascinating. One race, people: the human race. Sure there are different characteristics that are predominant in one group of people over another (just as you probably all know some family who all have beak noses or skinny faces or broad shoulders or whatever), but we are not fundamentally different from each other. This is one more example that demonstrates that.


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