I’m not dead :-)

I’ve been on vacation… where there is great cell-phone coverage (thankfully!) but we have had no internet, unless we drove to the local library. So I’m behind. Very, very far behind. I got to the library a couple of times briefly to check my email (but I still have almost #200 unread emails on a secondary email account — most of them undoubtedly need very little attention beyond marking them as read and deleting them), but didn’t read any of the blogs I keep up with. Apparently, I keep up with a lot of blogs. I also haven’t been on facebook for the past couple of weeks, so I hope I haven’t missed anything important on there. But if I did — oh, well, I guess I’ll find out about it eventually. Or not.

It was a 15-hour drive each way, and we did it in one shot (both driving there and driving back), getting in this morning at 1 a.m. My lonely cat woke me up around 6 a.m., while my kids woke up not too long thereafter. You’d better believe I took a nap! And I realized about 5 p.m., as I was heading out to get groceries that I was dehydrated, so I got a gallon of water at the store and drank nearly half of it before coming home, and feel much better. In fact, I think that’s why I am able to be awake right now at nearly 11 p.m. Although, maybe it’s the “charge” I get from having my internet connection back. 😀

I heard today that there was a new study, a meta-analysis of studies, released on home-birth purporting to show a 3x mortality rate for babies born at home compared to those born at hospitals. I’m still reading my blogs and am still in June [oh, yeah, my router wouldn’t work either when I came back, so my husband got dibs on the internet connection when he was awake, so most of today I was still computer-less], so I haven’t read the first blog post about it, and am guessing I’m about half-way done with my blog catch-up. I expect that I will come across multiple viral posts about the study very soon, and know that the “Birth Sense” blog apparently did a very good review of the study and why it’s flawed.

Yeah, it was fun relaxing on the beach, watching the kids swim in the water and play on the sand, doing over 150 Sudoku puzzles and getting a nice tan (and not too much of a burn — I call it “getting enough Vitamin D”), but I am very anxious to read the study and posts about the study, and am bummed that I missed it. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I’ll catch up then. 🙂


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  1. Hi, Kathy! I was actually planning on emailing you this week to make sure you were okay!! Glad you were just on vacation!

    Yes, I think the biggest buzz has been the homebirth study; everyone’s been checking in on that one. I read Birth Sense and she did a great job (as always!).

    We’re leaving Saturday on our own 18-hours-each-way trip, so I too will hope to make it back alive in 10 days or so. Talk to you then! 🙂

    • Yes, I rather picture Dr. Amy going apoplectic on it, checking my blog a dozen times a day so that she can immediately pounce, wondering why the heck I haven’t breathed a word on it. 🙂

      I don’t like announcing to the world that our house was/will be empty, so that’s why I didn’t say anything before. Our kids were *very* well-behaved for the trip, so I hope I can sprinkle some of that “good traveling” fairy dust on you for your trip. [Psst — it’s called “DVDs.” ;-)]

  2. Glad you had a fun trip!

  3. Kathy are you going to do a review on the Wax study? The thing about flawed stuides is that they all have flaws. My question is are they being honest with me about the flaws? Just heard about the study. I have been avoiding homework lately so I have not read it. I will eventually.

    • I may do a review, if I ever read it. If someone sends me a copy of it so I can see it myself — more than just the abstract, or if in the future the study is made publicly available, I’d be glad to do a review. But as it stands now, I’m only planning on doing a post with lots of links to others who have reviewed it (such as “Science & Sensibility”), because I’m not sure that I could add much of my own (except particular parts of posts that stood out to me) since all I’d have to work with is the abstract.

      Sure, all studies have flaws; but I’m quite concerned with some of the flaws pointed out — such as, including the Netherlands study, which was huge and comprised most of the sample, for most of the analyses, but then excluding it when they calculated the neonatal mortality rates. I’d also like to see the authors’ reasoning for their inclusion/exclusion criteria, why they included a study with a grand total of 10 women (like, seriously? don’t they need some sort of “sufficient quantity for analysis” sort of something??), etc. So I guess I have more questions than answers, and I’m not sure I’d get the answers unless I read the study for myself… and perhaps not even then. 🙂

      So, short story long: yes, but it will still be at least a few days from now. In many ways I’m still catching up on being gone — it always takes me a while just to settle in and get everything done and back to normal. It doesn’t help that right now, I’m supposed to be clearing this huge mess off my desk, but instead I’m checking email. I’m sure you know the feeling, though. 😉

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