CBC Radio Program on Breech Birth

Rixa transcribed the radio interview of a couple of Canadian doctors who are learning how to attend breech births. Well worth a read! My favorite part is when they talk about the “new” German way of handling breech birth: put mom on her hands and knees.

Robin Guy: Well, you know what’s really exciting about this is not just that we’re starting to see vaginal breech births happen more frequently, but that we’re seeing an openness to a change in practice. It has been traditional in North America for women to have been, like it or not, placed on their backs, which actually causes some problems. It increases the likelihood of cord compression during a breech birth. Putting the mom on all fours—we’ve got early data from a group in Germany who made these videos that this [all fours position] is actually a real significant increased safety for the mother and the baby. So to see this adopted and to see the collaboration with a midwife. We don’t like it, but there is professional snobbery. There are women everywhere who are cheering for Glenn Posner, who wasn’t afraid to take advice from a midwife. We’re cheering for you Glenn; we love you!

and later,

Robin Guy: If I can add for just a second, this group in Germany who has been pioneering the hands & knees position in the hospital, they’ve been doing this for 5 years and 400 births. And they have not had to use forceps to get a baby out. Not once.


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  1. Hi — sorry for the off-topic comment, but I thought you did an outstanding job of defending the pro-life position at the Academic / OBGYN blog — http://academicobgyn.com/2010/04/06/why-pro-choice-is-losing/

    Keep up the good work!

  2. He didn’t post mine and I wasn’t sure why. That helps explain things. Looks like most of the key points were made. I’m going to do a post on my favorite comment, which was the guy who was strongly pro-abortion but incensed that his parents had him circumcised. That was a new angle!

    • Yeah, the disconnect in his brain on that was… weird — disturbing almost to the point of being funny. One of my circ’ing friends has run into that, though, in convos on some board or email list she’s on — people who insist in no uncertain terms that women have the unfettered right to an abortion no matter what, while they have absolutely no right to cut off their son’s foreskins, because it isn’t their body, so they shouldn’t decide to amputate useful tissue. Ok, um, but they can choose to amputate a whole person with a whole body of useful tissue?

    • He said something about the comments getting out of hand — sliding into ad hominem attacks or something. True or not, it became apparent that the whole tone was shifting from those who were his regular readers to heavy on the pro-lifers (almost definitely directed there by Jill Stanek’s blog — Dr. Fogelson’s next blog post mentioned that she linked to him).

      As an aside, you may be interested in this post I recently wrote on world maternal mortality declining. It doesn’t mention abortion at all — which makes abortion conspicuously absent, because that is one of the mainstays of the “pro-choice” side: namely, that women need access to safe and legal abortion to help reduce maternal mortality. That’s not what this latest report shows; but rather, that giving communities (and particularly women) access to clean water, better education, skilled birth attendants, and anti-HIV/AIDS drugs do positively impact maternal mortality. Which is what people like us have been saying for a long time.

      • That’s odd, I didn’t notice any ad homs, but I didn’t read every single comment. I’ve usually found that the ad homs start flying when well informed pro-lifers show up.

        Thanks for the maternal mortality article. I was just talking with my daughters about how things like water wells can do more to transform lives and communities than many other more expensive things. We support a hospital in Kenya that does the things you described, including excellent palliative and preventive care re. AIDS.

        • I didn’t really notice it either — perhaps there were comments that he never allowed to post; maybe it wasn’t ad hominem but just a bunch of pro-lifers who popped in just to say “abortion is murder” and he didn’t feel like fighting a losing battle.

          I’m so glad that you are supporting a hospital in Kenya; my late pastor and other men from my church made several trips to Kenya (Bungoma), and he described the abject poverty they lived in. We helped some of the people and churches there with larger projects like building a building as well as monthly or yearly financial aid for the pastors.

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