Prevent C-sections — learn about cervical scar tissue

This was an interesting post, and I thought I’d pass it along. If you’ve ever had a procedure done on your cervix (including, surgery to remove pre-cancerous cells, and, rarely, a D&C), you may have scarring, which can cause slow or no dilation, despite adequate contractions. One to save in the files…


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  1. I have seen scarred cervixes from various procedures done (LEEP, Cryo, cone biopsies). Like the linked post, I have found that the women will labor, labor, labor, and get no where with their dilation. Until someone manually breaks up the scar tissue – then – BAM! 4cm! Then labor progresses (usually) very quickly to 10 cm. From what I have seen, it is very painful to break up the scar tissue, so I try to warn women that it will definitely hurt, to prepare themselves. But it works!!

  2. I’ve had a few people come through my childbirth classes where this happened to. the midwife literally had to rip away scar tissue. The good news is that once the scar tissue is gone, it won’t affect later births.

  3. I have had different experiences with post leep women. I usually view them as laboring a while then boom out comes the baby. It is possible the scar tissue just gave way. Never have seen a midwife “break up” scare tissue. Those cervixes did not feel any different to me than other women. I just noticed the labor labor labor, bam – baby kind of trajectory and have discussed it with other labor nurses.

    My next question would be, “have we done a literature search?” Here is another thing I think of: I have one of those post leep proceedure cervixes. However I had a child before the leep and a child after ward. And I labored the same both times. So it is real hard to pick through the variables when it comes to something as multifaceted as labor and delivery. Interesting though.

  4. Thank you for this information.

  5. HI.

    I have just come out of hospital after an emergency c section. I had a loop biopsy about 18 months ago. 2 weeks ago after 6 hours of labour with my cervix not openeing the doctor tried to open it manually which was very painful. I was then given syntocinon infusion for another 6 hours and still only 1cm dilated but to me I had had full blown labour pains for 12 hours. After another very painful attempt by doctor at manually opening my cervix I needed an emergency c section. I was told scar tissue was the problem but this was unheard of to me prior to this.

  6. I had a leep procedure done about almost 2 years ago. My husband and I are now trying to concive without much luck. I have scar tissue on my cervix, what can be done about this? Is it the reason we have been unable to concive? What options do we have?

    • I doubt that scar tissue on the cervix would interfere with conception. Sperm is microscopic, so it should be able to get through any opening on the cervix, even if there is scar tissue. However, I’m not sure about it — it’s just my educated guess (or non-educated, as the case may be). I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but I really don’t know much about this.

  7. Cassandra, have you read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”? I would recommend observing your cervix during your cycle by feeling it. Your cervix should open a little bit during ovulation. Maybe look into taking evening primrose capsules. During pregnancy, look into whether taking EVO capsules internally would be a good idea for you considering you have scar tissue. After 36 weeks of pregnancy consider applying it to your cervix. Of course, check with your care provider before doing this during pregnancy.

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