Cool prenatal videos

This was a really neat site, and I’d like to buy the whole video, because it looks so neat. There are many video clips available on the website, some very short — only 15-20 seconds long — while others are a tiny bit longer, with actual video (as well as some computer generation) of pregnancy from fertilization through birth. I’ve not watched all of the clips — only a handful of them, really — but they seem quite informational. One of the clips, just as an example of the information, is that an 8-week-old embryo (10 weeks of gestation) usually exhibits right- or left-handedness. At ten weeks!! The video of the beating heart is at 4 weeks 4 days post-conception.

One note, as you go through the videos, is that they date the pregnancy consistently from the time of conception, rather than from LMP (last menstrual period, about two weeks prior to fertilization) which is when most pregnancies are dated. So the “due date” is at 38 weeks, instead of 40 weeks. They have that information as standard on every page of the video, but it bears repeating lest it is overlooked.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. The clips alone contain so much information!! The DVD is definitely on my wishlist.

  2. I bought that video a couple of years ago, and it was worth every dime.


  3. Kathy, just wanted to tell you that I have given you a Beautiful Bloggers Award. You can see it here:

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