That’s the cost savings from midwife-attended birth in Washington State. The Medicaid savings alone was half a million dollars.

Relying on studies conducted by the state Department of Social and Health Services, the consultants also found that the risk for cesarean section is lower for women under the care of a licensed midwife as compared with women who did not receive prenatal care from a midwife. DSHS also studied Medicaid patients and found that women using a midwife were less likely to have an underweight newborn.

The consultants also found that the average cost for a home delivery for a midwife was $1,000. The cost for a vaginal delivery attended by a physician in a hospital averaged $3,171, increasing to $5,798 for a C-section.

From the recent reports at the state level, it’s safe to say from a both a cost and safety standpoint, licensed midwives in this state are providing excellent care and saving tax dollars in the process.


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  1. Now if we could get more insurance co to figure out the cost savings for mws AND doulas and get them covered everywhere.

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