Computer Problems

I haven’t been posting lately because my computer crashed. Not sure what the problem was, but we had a small ice storm, and one day the power glitched many times and went off for several minutes at a time several times, and one time the power went off, my computer didn’t start up right again. I’m thinking that maybe the power went off during the boot sequence one time, and it damaged the boot sector or something. Anyway, I got a new hard drive, and then had a hard time reinstalling Windows XP. (I originally was going to move up to Windows 7, which did install; but the one program that I most wanted wasn’t compatible with it, and then when I tried to move back to XP, it didn’t do it easily. I spent all day yesterday doing just the last sentence — can you say “frustration”??) Finally, last night, XP installed correctly, so I’m spending all day today reinstalling all my programs, downloading critical updates, etc., etc. It’s tedious, but not quite at the level of “frustration.” One very nice thing about Windows 7 is that it discovered and installed everything (well, at least my network) automatically, so I literally just had to install the thing and *boom* was online. Very nice!

I’ve been able to use my husband’s computer, so I wasn’t completely off-line… but I just don’t like his keyboard and being on his computer. Even though he was gone all day, I still felt like I was in his space (and logging him off of facebook so I could get on, etc.), and just didn’t feel like typing. Now that I’m back to my computer… aaaahhhh, I’m ready to type! Well, as soon as I get all these programs back the way they need to be, anyway. There’s something about being interrupted every few seconds or few minutes (either by giving programs permission to proceed, rebooting the computer so changes can take effect… not to mention being interrupted by my kids) that keeps me from being able to write a thoughtful post. Weird, huh? 😉

So, I will post again as soon as my computer gets back up to full speed. Stay tuned!


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  1. Hope the rest goes smoothly. Computer problems are so frustrating!

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