Breastfeeding: Instinct or Instruction?

This brochure is cool — everybody needs to read it, particularly if you’re pregnant, a new mom, or have ever had breastfeeding problems with your current baby or a previous one. I will say that I do think that breastfeeding is instinctive… but that we’ve seen so many wrong and unnatural ways of feeding our babies, that this is what we automatically assume, thinking it’s what is right and natural. Have you ever noticed that one of your older children, or the child of a sibling or friend, has unconsciously or subconsciously picked up on some little habit, phrase, movement, or mannerism of one of their parents? If we only see women feeding babies with bottle, then that’s the way we’re going to automatically (but not necessarily “instinctively” or “naturally”) hold our babies. If everyone tells us that you must sit or lie down in this position in order to properly hold or position your baby, then you’re going to think that everything else is wrong… when it’s not necessarily so. We want to do what is right, so we listen to the “experts”; and as long as they’re telling us right, then that’s all well and good. But if they’re accidentally (or purposefully) leading us astray, then we would be better off shutting our ears and doing what truly is natural.


2 Responses

  1. I love this, I am going to try it in my next breastfeeding support. I did this with my children but not as newborns and it was great!
    Thanks for enlightening me!

  2. Those positions look like they would really help with painful latching as the baby would not be pulling at the nipple so much.

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