Happy New Year!

It’s customary to make resolutions for the new year. Last year at this time, I noticed that I had had a blog post at least every day for the previous several months, and I wondered, “Could I possibly do that for an entire year? Wouldn’t I run out of stuff to talk about? Would I have the time to do it all?” But, since I either make no resolutions at all, or (like most people who do make resolutions) break the resolution before too much time passes, I figured, “Why not have that as my ‘New Year’s Resolution’? If I don’t, well, no big deal; but if I do… well, that’ll still be no big deal but pretty cool to me!” And I have. It may very well be the first New Year’s resolution I’ve actually accomplished! [Which puts a smile on my face, for some reason.] NaBloPoMo nothin’! Try NaBloPo-Year!!

There have been some challenges along the way, but rarely to do with not having enough material. Frequently, blog posts were just a few lines or a paragraph or two about a link or other blog post, so it’s not like every post took hours to research and write — some took only a couple of minutes. As I would go through Google Reader, it was not at all uncommon to find five or six things that inspired me to write a post — sometimes just a short post with a link [an “ooo — look — this is cool!” post], but other times they would inspire me to write a medium-sized (for me) or even a very long post. I’m a fast typist, so that helps as well. Plus I like to write, and “think out loud” that way, so it’s a creative outlet for me, as well as mental stimulation.

So, I’ve had a lot of blog posts over this past year. I think my favorite one, though, has to be “You Might be a Birth Junkie.” It was a lot of fun to come up with those things.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the new year. Sometimes last year, I pushed myself to make sure I had a post every day. I don’t feel that urge and impetus now. Granted, most of the time in this past year, I would sit down and write out several posts at one time, and schedule them to post once a day, about the same time of day, and I may continue to do that in the future. But I know I will have other constraints on my time — first and foremost is that I will need to start some sort of schooling with my older son (he’s just five and already knows a lot of stuff, but I think that for me, I need to get into a schedule that includes slightly more formal education). So, if sometime I don’t post, don’t freak out — I’m probably okay, just busy. 🙂 Then again, I might find that the upcoming year will be very like this past year — plenty to talk about, so if I can just fit it all within time constraints of typing (yeah, I’m a fast typist, but I’m also pretty darn long-winded sometimes!), I might be able to keep up with posting every day. But I’m not going to push it, nor sweat it if I can’t.

May the upcoming year be a blessed one for each of you!


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