“Have you had that baby yet?”

For all you pregnant women who are approaching (or past) your, ahem, “due date” [remember that only about 5% of all babies are actually born then!], and are getting this stupid question asked you constantly, repeatedly, and frequently — yeah, as if you’d forget to tell people that you’d had the baby!! — here’s the link for you to share with your, um, well-meaning friends when they ask if you’ve had the baby yet.

10 Responses

  1. And here I thought the link would take me to an article discussing the statistics on pre/post date labor, fetal viability after 40 weeks, stress/nonstress tests etc. I cracked up when the link opened. 🙂

  2. Kathy, I love you.
    I’m 41 weeks 1 day right now.
    This is a God send.
    now I’m going to go put this as my facebook status…

  3. I am definitely using this one come late February and early March around my due date. Absolutely hilarious!

  4. What I think is absolutely hilarious — and maddening — is when people ask that in person! As I blogged way back when I was pregnant for the second time, “Big belly + no baby in my arms = NO I HAVEN’T HAD THE BABY YET!”

    Another blog post I wrote around that same time said, “This is God. The baby is coming next Sunday at 5:03 PM. Write it down and STOP ASKING MICHELLE!”

    • See, I’d be tempted to say “Yep, had him yesterday, put him back because his rooms not ready yet!”
      When I was pregnant with my first no one expected me to go to due date (my mom’s first was almost 2 weeks early and my condition makes it likely I’ll give birth a week or 2 early as well, but first baby born ON his actual due date), so I got lots of calls “any contractions yet?” but no one asked me if I had had the baby. I guess all my family/friends actually trusted me to call them!

  5. Lol. When I went past due, I would remind people that the due date is supposed to be an average, not a deadline. That’s a revelation to most people.

  6. I am 40 weeks 4 days, and I got that idiotic question last week, at a departmental meeting, from someone who had seen me a few days before. I just couldn’t believe that she would think I would bother to come in for a meeting if I had literally had the baby in the last few days…

    But most people don’t ask that. For the past two weeks I get a lot of “So, you are still IN.” Thanks for pointing it out, but actually I noticed that. Then I get the “feel anything yet? you must be mighty impatient!” to which I am tempted to answer “everyone around me sure seems impatient…” And I sure as heck am not interested in discussing any cramps, bloody show, mucus, etc. with my co-workers…

  7. Last time I was pregnant, every person at my office asked me this as I approached my due date. I was tempted to ask, “What do you think, idiot?” Instead, I just taped a sign on my stomach that said, “Still here!”

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