Breastmilk contains Stem Cells

Which means that formula is a very, very distant second place substitute for breastmilk! Click here to read the story.

In light of the untold benefits of breastmilk, it is important that hospitals (being where 99% of American women give birth) support breastfeeding women. Instead, there is subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) undermining of women in various ways. One of these ways, is by sending women home with a “diaper bag” or some other sort of bag, filled with all sorts of things designed to get them to choose formula — samples and coupons, at a minimum. There is an alternative: Healthy Baby Bounty Bags! This link has a sample letter you can print out and send to your hospital, to let them know about these breastfeeding support bags, as well as a picture of them and more information.


Today’s news of my pregnancy — no more bleeding, no more red, only slight spotting, of brown, and very little to none of that within the last 24 hours. Thank you, everyone who commented! Your experiences have helped me feel better. Will keep you updated…

[Update — I did end up miscarrying soon after writing this.]


3 Responses

  1. Wow, beyond fascinating. Thank you for sharing. Unrelated topic, I hope you continue to feel well and I hope you get an u/s soon so you are no longer wondering. Sending good wishes your way…

  2. Your pregnant? I am so glad for you! Yes, the spotting must have freaked you out. Some folks spot their whole pregnancy and still deliver a healthy baby. Amazing.

  3. I had what semed to be just a lighter period the first month of my pregnancy. Oddly, that never scared me. However, I believe I was told that this happens due to the placenta attachment. I have no clue if this is completely accurate, but I thought it made perfect sense, so I thought it may interest you. I am sure you went on-line as well as having spoken to your doctor and were told something similar by now.
    In another note, I hope you get the chance to nurse your baby for an extended period as I did my son. It was the best 2 and a 1/2 years of my life. I am happy that my son and I get all the benefits of my breastfeeding and are healthy, happy, and will share a close bond forever. I wish this for everyone…to have my joy is wonderful!
    Good Luck!

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