I’m Pregnant… but spotting

This is going to be a TMI (too much information) post, with more questions than answers — I haven’t really done a lot of research into this topic, so maybe some of you who have gone through a similar experience can help me out.

LMP = Oct. 11

Average menstrual cycle — 29 days; although it has varied quite a bit this last year (that I’ve written down, which hasn’t been every month). In reverse order, it was 27d, 31d, 27d, 29d, 25d, 29d, 29d — that’s back through March; with the only other month I remembered to make a note of being over a year ago, and it was 31d. I will assume that most of the times I didn’t write it down, it was 29 days, because that’s what it usually is. Some of the short or long times by the calendar may have been actually more due to my noticing late at night some months that I had started, and other times not until the next morning other months. I will admit to some measure of embarrassment and perturbation that my cycles have been as varied as they have been, and I never noticed it. {shrug} It just never much registered in my conscious memory, and I assumed I was really quite regular.

I never “felt pregnant” any of the long months. Or short months, for that matter. But I know that not everybody gets early pregnancy symptoms. However, both times I was pregnant with my children, and no other times I was late, except this time, have I really thought I was pregnant, or “felt pregnant.” This “feeling pregnant” has mostly been limited to a greater awareness of my uterus and (primarily) breast tenderness/sensitivity. So, I’m going to say that any previous time I was later than 29 days, and wondered if it was possible I was pregnant, and then started in a day or two, that I really was not pregnant, just a longer than normal cycle. When I was pregnant with my older son, I felt the implantation (weird, I know), but had realized I had messed up on my calendar, so could be pregnant — although I knew numerous couples who had wanted to wait a few years after getting married to have children, and then when they decided it was the “right time,” discovered that they 1) were infertile; 2) had difficulties conceiving; or 3) had multiple miscarriages; so I had reason to believe that I might be no different. So, when I felt breast sensitivity, I tried to brush it off as being “pregnancy hypochondria.” It wasn’t — it was the real thing! Then when I got pregnant with my younger son, I was still nursing my older son and 1) I could feel my uterus contracting slightly when I nursed (although I wondered if it was in my head, because I suspected I was pregnant but was not “late” yet) and 2) if he had a bad latch, I gasped because it hurt so much and had to reposition him.

But this time, my boobs were sore, from before I could have known I was pregnant; and I was more aware of my uterus — I could feel little cramps, or sense a feeling of fullness — even though I had no reason to suspect I was pregnant, and still cannot pinpoint conception or any time I “messed up” with NFP [natural family planning]. Looking back at my cycle, it’s possible that I ovulated too early, and sperm that normally would have died before I ovulated was still alive and able to fertilize the egg. Or, it’s possible that I ovulated too late, and I thought I was “in the clear” when I wasn’t. Or, it’s possible that he didn’t withdraw in time, or some sperm came out pre-ejaculation. [To own the truth, I did suspect that at one point, but didn’t mention it to my husband at the time.] Sorry about the TMI, but now you know — yes, I do have sex. I bet you thought I didn’t! 🙂

So I suspected I was pregnant, but I had had a premonition that I would have a miscarriage at some point in the future — maybe it was a fixation I had on miscarriage, due to several blog friends having miscarriages, and several posts I’d written in the recent past. Not all of my premonitions have turned out to be true, but some have — like the fact that I could never picture my father walking me down the aisle in my wedding; or that I could never envision him becoming an old man. At the time, there was no reason to suspect anything, but he was killed in a car wreck a few years later, several years before I got married. So, I do pay attention to premonitions.

But I didn’t take a pregnancy test right away, because I thought, “If I have a miscarriage, I don’t want to know about it. I want to be able to pretend that it was just a late period.” Besides, I knew I had gone 31 days just a couple of months before, so I didn’t want to drag both kids into the store with me just to get a test, and I had no other reason for going into town; and if it was a late ovulation, and I really was pregnant, it might show up negative if I tested too early. Even though I ovulated right on time with Keith, I was still a week late before the pregnancy test showed anything but the faintest positive, and I had had two negatives before with one negative after the faint positive!

So, I was supposed to have started on a Monday, and I didn’t. By Friday, when I still hadn’t started, and my boobs were definitely sore and my uterus felt full and heavy, I finally told my husband, and went out on Saturday and got a test. It was a moderately faint positive (although I did take it in the middle of the day, so the hCG may have been less concentrated than had I waited and taken it in the morning). We told our mothers on Sunday, but nobody else. On Monday, while I was at my mom’s, I started spotting.

Even then (5 weeks gestation, dating from LMP), it was far too late to be implantation bleeding (especially since I had a twinge when I thought I might have felt implantation, 2 weeks before), and too late to be breakthrough bleeding like some women get, when they have a “mini-period” at the time their normal menstrual cycle is supposed to start. I thought, “Well, this is it — the miscarriage has started.” But it was pink, and fairly light, so I was still hopeful. I told my sister, who was at my mom’s with me — it was impossible for me to attend to anything she was saying, so it was either that, go home, or have her suspect I was on mind-altering drugs, or something! I didn’t want to be alone with this weighing on me, so I told her. Besides, she had had spotting when she was pregnant with her oldest child, although that was at 3 months gestation. We talked for a while, and as the day wore on, the spotting got even lighter, turned brown, and disappeared. I also told my other sister, because she had had three miscarriages, and I wanted to get her opinion as to “what a miscarriage was like” — physically, anyway — to see if I might be in the beginning stages of miscarriage. But since the spotting had stopped by that time, it seemed I was not miscarrying.

Several days passed, with not even a smidge of pink, brown, or red; and then Friday it happened again. I had been doing what I normally do; feeling fine; feeling better about not having had any more spotting. I had sold some stuff on eBay for my sister, the auctions had closed, so I was running up and down the stairs getting boxes and putting the stuff in boxes (nothing heavy — mostly stuffed animals), and finally had to go to the bathroom, and saw red. Like I was starting my period. Red. Not a good sign. Again – and even more strongly – I thought, “Well, this is it; I’m having a miscarriage — it’s started, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” That thought pretty much disrupted my peace, and I didn’t feel like doing anything but sit and read, or lie down and watch something, passing the time, while I was passing my baby. Sad, huh?

But instead of getting heavier, it got lighter — still red, but less of it; and by mid-morning, almost gone. Again. I had called my mom to let her know I was definitely miscarrying, so I had to call her and say that maybe I wasn’t. I couldn’t pinpoint anything that might be causing me to start bleeding. Especially since I had done nothing differently from the other two times I was pregnant, and I never had a smidge of spotting with either of them, from the time my period ended until I lost my mucus plug towards the end of pregnancy. Lifting heavy stuff? I was a waitress when I was first pregnant, so was used to carrying heavy trays with 4-5 heavy plates loaded with entrees multiple times per night; and I had a ten-month-old that I carried around during my second pregnancy, plus I had cloth diapers that I would usually have soaking in a 5-gallon bucket partially filled with water. Going up and down stairs? First pregnancy – not so much; second pregnancy, had the laundry and freezers downstairs, plus a playroom, so was on the stairs a lot. But I have decided to act like I’m postpartum and have experienced an uptick in lochia, so am trying to take it easy. — No lifting of my children (which is really hard, since my 3-y/o is a snuggle-bug and loves to be held), or anything heavier than about ten pounds.

So, that was Friday and Saturday. I sat around most of Saturday, and minimized my trips upstairs (which is where my computer is, so I don’t want to not go upstairs at all; but I try to stay either up or down, rather than running up and down all day at the drop of a hat). Saturday evening, I watched a movie while lying in bed. Taking it reeeally easy. Sunday morning, I woke up and felt my uterus cramping, went to the bathroom, and sure enough, it looked like I was starting my period. Again. I went back to bed (what else could I do?), expecting to have a full pad in the morning. Nope. Hardly anything. What there was, was red; but once again, it lightened up considerably, and faded to almost nothing over the course of the day.

I posted something on facebook on Saturday and announced it at church on Sunday, and got some good responses from my friends who themselves, their friends or their sisters had had miscarriages and/or spotting during pregnancy. One friend said that her sister spotted all through her first trimester of a couple of her children — so much that she thought it was a miscarriage, or was her period if early enough and even used a tampon — but she maintained her pregnancy, and had a healthy, normal child. And my mother-in-law reminded me that she hemorrhaged when she was pregnant with my husband and his twin brother — so much so that her doctor (very condescendingly) said, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Petersen, but there is no way you are keeping this baby!” (He also told her a few months later that there was no way she was having twins. Strike two!) But she did.

And again, last night, I spotted some more during the night (maybe it was because I lifted the turkey to drain the broth? it was an 18-pound turkey! but I only lifted it a little bit, and only once — made my husband lift it all the other times). So, nothing heavier than ten pounds? Minimizing trips up stairs. No aerobics (not like I was doing it much anyway). No abs exercises — not that I was really doing anything major to start with, but I really wanted to strengthen my abdominals and my back muscles before I started to show, to minimize the strain on my back later in pregnancy; but if I miscarry due to overdoing things, then I won’t have a “later pregnancy”, but will feel guilty about overdoing things.

Part of me says that it probably wasn’t these things — especially since it didn’t happen even in the slightest before; and I haven’t really been “overdoing” things at all. But, with the red starting after multiple trips up and down stairs, and the evening of or day after I picked up my younger son and felt a slight abdominal strain… I just don’t know. “Bed rest” hasn’t seemed to change anything; but with any increase of red not being soon after any “heavy” lifting, but at a minimum of six hours afterwards, is that a true association or merely a false coincidence?

It’s frustrating — this feeling of limbo. This nightly fear of miscarriage, followed by a daily minimizing of that fear, with the spotting being less. This “fish or cut bait” feeling — as bad as it feels to say that.

Is there anything a doctor can do to stop a miscarriage? I don’t think so. A vaginal ultrasound could confirm the existence and size of the baby, and whether or not the heart is beating, and making sure that it’s not ectopic. But it could not ensure that the heart will continue to beat, and could not guarantee that I will not have a miscarriage. If the heart is beating, that means I’m statistically less likely to miscarry, but it will not entirely eliminate the risk. And then, what are the risks of a vaginal ultrasound?

More questions than answers. More frustrations. More stress. Sigh…

[Update — I did end up miscarrying soon after writing this.]


26 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry you are in limbo like this. I’ve had two early miscarriages this year and the first one had a similar spotting pattern as what you are describing. I spotted on and off for two weeks, then two weeks of no bleeding, then I finally miscarried (much like a normal period). However a friend of mine got pregnant at the same time, had the same kind of spotting, and is still very much pregnant (due in January!). Reasons to visit a doctor at this point would be to a) rule out the possibility of ectopic or molar pregnancy and/or b) get a couple beta HCG tests to see if HCG levels are going up or down. I prefer a needle stick to a dildo-cam but that’s just my personal preference. I had mixed experiences visiting my nurse-practitioner when I was miscarrying. If I miscarry again I won’t be rushing into the office, but especially the first time it was helpful to have some answers.


  2. I’m so sorry. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. If this keeps going on I would go into the doctor just so you can know what’s going on. A few weeks ago I had an internal ultra sound to see how far along I was because I had not had a period since having my son so we had no idea how far along our baby was. His (we think it was a boy because it looked like a penis) heart stopped at 9 weeks 3 days. I told the midwife I wanted to miscarry naturally. I waited a week and a half and nothing was happening. I went back in and ended up doing Cytotec. I was hesitant to do it, but I’m so glad I did because it was too emotionally draining to “wait”. We were able to plan it so my husband could be there with me and it ended up being a very sad yet sweet experience. I was grateful I was able to “choose” when it happened. My heart still hurts at times though because we have been praying to get pregnant for a while now, but we are at peace. As for your situation, my sister bled with her son in the beginning and went on to have an amazing kid. So I guess my recomendation would be to do what Hilary said and see if your HCG is going up or down. Good luck, and I pray you will have a healthy baby! Miscarriages are SO HARD. I never thought I would go through one, but it has given me empathy in a way I would have never known.

  3. My pregnancy with my son was completely average, nothing out of the ordinary. With my daughter (now 3 months) I spotted at 6 weeks and again at 7 weeks with a few days in between. The first time, I went to the ER, because it was a Friday night, and I’m paranoid like that. They did an exam and I got an ultrasound that showed a heartbeat. I think that is what cause my spotting the next week. When I saw my doctor at my normal appointment at 7 weeks, he said there was a little bit of pink coming from the cervix and thought it was late implantation bleeding, and all my dates were spot on the entire pregnancy. I know it’s hard not to worry, and there’s nothing that you can do but wait. Confirming a heartbeat doesn’t guarantee that it will continue to beat, but it does let you know that it’s there and the risk has dropped quite a bit.

  4. I don’t have anything new to add, but I wanted to wish you the best and send virtual hugs your way, regardless of what the outcome is. I’d get an ultrasound and check on HCG levels.

  5. Kathy, first of all, congratulations! That is wonderful news! Secondly, I’m so sorry that all this is happening – that must be horribly stressful. I hope that things will resolve soon so that you don’t have to live with that uncertainty. With this past pregnancy I had the strong feeling that I was about to miscarry… for the entire pregnancy. I was on edge the entire time (though I tried not to write too much about that). Of course, said baby is now three months old and playing on the bed, so so much for woman’s intuition! Please keep us updated as to how things go, and I’ll definitely be praying for you. I hope to hear good news over the next week or so!! Blessings, my friend!!

    P.S. I had a miscarriage with our first little one, so I know how stressful the process is of waiting through the beginning symptoms… though hopefully this will NOT be headed that way. Praying for good things!

  6. Congratulations! I’d get in to see your OBGYN and ask for beta HCG tests to see if your levels are rising appropriately. Then you might want to get a sonogram. You may have a bleed somewhere, possibly a subchorionic hematoma.

    Bleeding does not always immediately mean doom for a pregnancy. I hope that all is well and you have a baby in your arms this next year!

    P.S. If low progesterone or a blood clotting issue are what are causing your symptoms and could possibly cause a miscarriage then they can be dealt with. Even then the treatments aren’t 100%. I’d definitely see your doc to see what is going on!

  7. My husband and I experienced two early miscarriages (42 days) between the births of DS #1 (Aug 2005) and DS #2 (June 2009). When we found out we were pregnant with DS #2, I went in to our midwives immediately and asked to know my progesterone levels. They were normal, but the very lowest normal level number you can have. I had read that some women with multiple miscarriages at the same time in each cycle and who had low progesterone, had success taking a progesterone regimen during the first trimester. I requested that my midwives look in to it and prescribe it for me. We continued to have spotting off and on (as we did with ALL of our pregnancies), but our little guy made it to 40 weeks perfectly healthy.

    You are in my prayers this holiday weekend. Hang in there!

  8. I had spotting with my first pregnancy. I thought my period had started, but my temp stayed elevated so I took a test. Then at about 13 weeks I had two instances of a gush of blood. Turns out I had a placental hematoma. The baby was fine and I carried him to term.

  9. So sorry you are going through this worry. If I were in the same situation I would visit the OB to check if they can locate a cause for the bleeding or tell you how much activity is OK – maybe they will suggest bedrest, maybe they will say there is no need to limit activity at all. It could be that you have a subchorionic hematoma, which does not equal a miscarriage, but is worth knowing so that you know how to handle it. The limbo situation is so tough, maybe you can get some answers…

  10. Yes, it could be a miscarriage. Yes, it could be spotting that ends and goes away. You will know once you truly miscarry, I think…but even this is not always the case right away. I have a friend who had scars from previous infection/c-section and had a very heavy spotting in the first trimester. It went on for weeks, and they thought for sure she had miscarried. However, she ended up with a baby. There was a lot of bleeding at first because of the implanting and growing going on with scar tissue (weird huh). I don’t know how it resolved, but it finally did. However, her situation is rare.

    I have had spotting, but light only and not miscarried. I’ve had spotting that started and stopped, and then I miscarried…and after it was over for about five days of no bleeding, I began spotting again for a day. So confusing what our bodies do. You may be low on progesterone?

    At any rate, I hope for the best and pray comfort if the worst happens. I know it is very hard and no matter how tiny the child, it is still your child and it is very normal to feel fear and wish things were going along perfectly.

    What I do (and I do not expect anyone to be just like me) is celebrate every day I am given in pregnancy. I may miscarry, but I am the mommy and I will celebrate the life God has blessed in me for as long as I know the baby is still in me. Then, when it is over, I either rejoice because I am still pregnant and end up with a baby in my arms OR I mourn and mourn hard for the baby I am seperated from. That may not be your way, and that is okay. Just sharing…

    Blessings and peace to you.

  11. Bleeding during pregnancy, even period like bleeding, is common enough for them to have a weekly show “I didn’t know I was pregnant!” on tv (I think its TLC) filled with woman who were sure they weren’t pregnant or were sure they miscarried because they bled so much. I think the actual number is between 5 and 10% of women experiance bleeding past implantation. There is no reported risk of a vaginal ultrasound past a regular ultrasound. I’m very sympathetic (although I am pleased I’m not empathetic, no spotting myself with my two pregnancies, at least not so far) and will pray for you. Hope you end up with a healthy baby in your arms. I hope you can see a doctor quickly, there are some causes of bleeding that might cause a miscarriage that can be stopped, and some causes of bleeding that the doctor can tell you not to be concerned, it won’t impact the pregnancy. Also, I include my voice with Hiliary’s, its important to know if you have a molar or ectopic pregnancy, both can be a cause for bleeding during pregnancy. My friend recently found out she was pregnant, when she experianced bleeding afterwards an ultrasound determined she had been pregnant with twins but had lost one, but the other is still healthy and doing great. Anything is possible, and, as wonderful as a midwife and home care is, this is the reason that hospitals are (occassionally!) good. I will pray for you.

  12. Wow. What a roller coaster for you! Yikes. I’ve always read the red is not a good sign–pinkish or brown okay, but red is more worrisome. I spotted with my first pregnancy from 4 until a little after 7 weeks gestation. Result was a normal, full term baby boy. Those weeks were nerve-wracking though. I spotted brown, including small clots, and pink.

    With my third pregnancy (I think I might be one of the blog friends of which you speak!), I had pink spotting at 14w4d, which progressed to “wine-colored” spotting and then to miscarriage. I didn’t bleed red until I was in labor.

  13. With my second, I spotted for four weeks, starting at week five. After two weeks of it, I went in and got an US, and the tech said that I had a large pocket of blood, so when I continued to spot for two more weeks, I was okay with it. Carried to term.

    My third pregnancy I also spotted, but later on, like week 11. Carried to term.

    I have heard red blood is more of a concern if it continues red.

    placenta growth, blood volume increases, vanishing twin, twins, along with a host of other things could be reasons for spotting. I believe it is the not knowing that is really hard.

    Taking 800 IU of vitamin E can help, but do not continue this throughout pregnancy, as it can make your placenta “sticky” and that would not be good.

  14. I know exactly what your going through and it sucks! I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first child and I bled off and on throughout my entire first trimester. At first it was just brown, old blood, and so I tried not to let it worry me too much. At about 8 weeks I had bright red blood like a period and I was certain I was miscarrying. I was so depressed I couldn’t even get myself out of bed. But the bleeding stopped. I got an ultrasound at 9 weeks and confirmed the heartbeat. The bleeding stopped for two weeks and I thought I was in the clear. Then out of nowhere, at 11 weeks, bright red blood again, heavier than before! This time I went to the ER and they checked my cervix, which was closed, and they did another ultrasound and the baby was fine. There were no indications that I was miscarrying aside from the blood. I continued spotting (mostly brown) for about 3 weeks and then it stopped and hasn’t happened since. It’s so frustrating because everyone tells you the same thing — it’s a 50/50 chance, you might miscarry and you might not. I just wanted an answer, either way. The one type of preventative treatment I did find is acupuncture. Chinese medicine has been successfully treating threatened miscarriages for thousands of years and so I gave it a shot. It’s impossible to know whether or not that actually helped, but it made me feel better to have someone tell me something could actually be done about my situation. At my last appt with my midwife she did a pap smear and accidentally bumped my cervix and it started bleeding briefly. She thinks that the blood vessels in my cervix were just growing too fast and were tender and easily broken and then once broken the old blood would continue to come out for several days/weeks. I’m really sorry you have to go through this! I wouldn’t wish that kind of emotional stress on anyone. My advice is to just try and rest and trust God while waiting for week 13 to get here and give you peace of mind.

  15. HUGS. I went through something simliar with my first pregnancy. Lots of spotting, mostly brown but sometimes red, and with cramping. Had it the whole first trimester. Was told I had a 50-50 chance of miscarrying, which was not true because we did see the heartbeat, after which the rate of miscarriage drops, as you know. But no one told ME that. Wish they had; I was terrified.

    Sometimes it’s a vanishing twin (that was a possibility for me, though we will never know), sometimes it’s low progesterone (possibly, it’s somewhat controversial), sometimes there’s a little bleed as the placenta gets going, sometimes the cervix is just a little prone to bleeding….there are lots of possible causes.

    The hard part is the limbo part. There really is very little you can do about it. What will happen will happen. You can go in if you wish and get the HCG levels to see a trend, but you can’t supplement them. Getting a progesterone level and doing supplements seemingly helps some women, but it’s controversial whether that truly helps or not (I personally think it does help some). You can get an u/s to see if there is a heartbeat if that would be reassuring, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.

    One reason to consider u/s is to rule out ectopic or molar pregnancy; if you had these, you’d want to know. But of course, chances are that’s not what it is and we really don’t know that much about the risks of such an early vaginal ultrasound. No one has ever proven it unsafe, so the risks are probably minimal, but I do tend to be leery about that type of u/s because it’s so early in development and it’s so much closer to baby. But the risks of ectopic pregnancy, if that’s what this were, are much more substantial. So how do you weigh these choices?

    It’s very difficult to know what to do. I went in and had an ultrasound, mostly because it was my first pregnancy and I was scared. Nowadays I might wait it out more, but if there was a lot of bleeding and a lot of cramping, then I’d probably have it checked because of the ectopic risks. But you could make a good case for either waiting or going in, and honestly, probably neither is going to make much difference.

    But I wanted to let you know that it certainly IS possible to have lots of spotting and go on to carry to term just fine. I spotted significantly throughout the first trimester with #1 and she’s now in high school. I also spotted somewhat with #4 and she’s now in kindergarten. I had 2 early u/s with #1 because of spotting, and she is fine. I chose not to have an u/s with #4 and she is fine. Neither action probably made any real difference.

    While spotting can mean a pregnancy that may be miscarrying, it doesn’t always mean anything of the sort. Many women experience spotting and carry their babies to term just fine.

    Hang in there, and many hugs to you. I will be thinking about you.

  16. ((HUGS)) I have no answers – seems you gotten a LOT of support here! I just wanted to let you know you’ll be in my prayers.

  17. Personal thoughts – I had bleeding (one time woke up with dinner size plate amount of blood in bed) up til about 16 weeks with my last pregnancy…she’s 6 years old now! Most likely cause with her was a subchorionic hemorrhage but we’ll never know. I also had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. It ended up being a partial molar pregnancy. I bled on and off for a month before finally passing huge amounts of clots and blood at 12 weeks.

    Professional thoughts – I often see women with this concern and tell them that bleeding is not necessarily going to end with miscarriage although it is a possibility. There are a lot of things that can cause first trimester bleeding besides an SAB – infections, abnormal paps, subchorionic hemorrhages (which may still lead to a healthy baby), ectopic or molar pregnancies. Miscarriages are usually painful depending on how far along you are – the further along the more painful usually. There is nothing that can be done to prevent a miscarriage. There is no research that can prove that bedrest, etc will help. Women are told to do that because it gives us all some sense of control…but there’s nothing that can be done other than watchful waiting. It will or it won’t happen. Depending on the clinical history, I don’t always do an US or labs. It depends more on the momma…if she can tolerate waiting then we wait a bit, especially if early gestation. I would probably do labs and US at some point if continued bleeding but no miscarriage. Having progesterone, pap, STD (if appropriate), vaginal infections checked may determine preventable cause.

    Best of luck! Will keep you in my thoughts.

  18. I had mixed experiences visiting my nurse-practitioner when I was miscarrying

  19. I didn’t read this until now. Yikes. Nerve wrecking.

    How are things now?

    All I can say is pray and give it to God. Time will tell and there is not much you can do to change things. I know many women who spotted all through their pregnancies and whose babies were fine.

    With my second pregnancy, I did take some progesterone, but it did not help avoid a miscarriage. I then went on to conceive three other babies just fine.

    hang in there and be at peace with whatever happens. {{{{{{}}}}}}

  20. How are things going now, Kathy? I’ve been thinking of you this week!

  21. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and helpful comments!

    I have not had the slightest spotting for several days now (since mid-day Monday, and it’s now Saturday), so that’s a good sign. Everything seems to be fine — I’m still “feeling pregnant” with sore breasts and a noticeably heavy uterus. No morning sickness (but I didn’t get queasy until 8 weeks, when I was pregnant with Keith; I can’t remember with Seth), and I’m not even to 7 weeks yet.

  22. […] I had the previously mentioned episodes of spotting in this pregnancy, I started turning over in my mind anything and everything […]

  23. Congrats, Kathy! I read this post the day you posted it, but we were very busy last week and I’m just now returning to comment. It looks like you’ve already got several of these responses, but I’ll give my personal experience anyway, in hopes that it encourages you that the spotting may be “nothing.”

    I spotted on-and-off throughout my first pregnancy. I had been told that this could be normal and not always an indication of miscarriage, and it honestly didn’t worry me at all to spot throughout. (I’m glad it was my first experience w/pregnancy, because I just figured that was normal.)

    My second, I only spotted once, upon implantation.

    My third, I spotted and cramped heavily in the first trimester, and around 12 weeks, it was bad enough for me to walk around doubled over from the cramps (no bedrest–I had 2 two and under!). I really did figure I must be miscarrying that week, but no. (I never have miscarried–perhaps that’s why I don’t worry with spotting.)

    From what I can recall, I have done nothing different with any of my pregnancies, except the real possibility that I am sure to be doing MORE than I was last pregnancy (chasing/picking up more children, etc.). I have carried all three to term, with no bedrest, no trips to the Dr. or ER, no worries, and nothing coming of it but healthy infants around 40 weeks.

    My thought on it is that worry/anxiety and stress will do nothing to help a threatened miscarriage and it does not make a good environment for a developing baby.

    Easier said than done, but it can be done! Praying that you will have peace, whatever the outcome.

  24. Wow, how did I miss this post!? I read your more recent posts and saw you are still pregnant. So that is good!

    I spotted off and on with Bryson for a few weeks at the beginning of my pregnancy. Who knows why. But things ended up ok!

    Hugs and congrats!

  25. Im 13weeks pregnant with twins I have been to the er three times in one week because i keep spotting. but they have no explianation why they said my babies are fine I just need a answer

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