You learn something new every day — Epidural Edition

This page is a pretty informative and concise resource on epidurals, including the history of the epidural (which I had never really thought on much before), as well as a discussion of the various medicines given in an epidural (did you think there was only one?)

Did you know…

  • The first-known epidural attempt on a human was in 1901;
  • The first successful epidural was performed in Spain in 1921;
  • By 1935 single-injection lumbar epidural regional anaesthesia was introduced in the US;
  • And the continuous lumbar epidural was developed by 1946?

For more information, you can read the whole article.


One Response

  1. Wow, I am both very happy to have read this and in shock all at the same time! I knew, from experience, about some of the possible side effects of epidurals, but I had not come across a good article. I will definitely be sharing this with my readers. Thank you!

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