Planned C-section turned unplanned HBA3C (home-birth after 3 Cesareans)

How’s that for a story? Oh, and it happened only about an hour away from where I live! Here’s the article, from the Memphis Commercial Appeal. She was supposed to show up for her fourth C-section on Dec. 6. Instead, she started having contractions on Friday the 13th. (Actually, she says in retrospect, she had started labor in the night, but they were so mild, she didn’t recognize them as true contractions.) Then her water broke, and in a couple of minutes, the baby came out, “caught” by her two-year-old son! [The three-year-old was a little freaked out. {Shrug}]

One odd thing, is that she related that the contractions for this labor were not as strong as those with her other children… but if they were all born by C-section, I’m wondering why. I can see her having a normal labor for the first one (most likely induced and/or augmented with Pitocin), and ending in an unplanned C-section. And I can see them allowing her to attempt a VBAC with the second, but usually not with the third — although it’s possible she showed up in labor and was given a C-section. Oh, the details these stories written for the general public leave out!

Another woman proves her body works, and her vagina is actually useful in birth. 🙂

h/t Birth Activist


4 Responses

  1. That’s funny. I had wondered the same thing about contractions because I made the assumption that the previous two were scheduled c/s.

    It’s a cool story.

  2. She’d never had a vaginal delivery and she preciped? Isn’t that pretty unusual?

    • Even a first-time mom can precipitously give birth.

      Of course, the things the article *don’t* mention (which would be nice for us birth junkies to know), is why she had her first three C-sections. I could see her first one being for FTP, and then the other two because she had the first one; or perhaps a VBAC attempt after the first C-section, and a mandatory elective repeat for the third, since it was less than a full year after her 2nd C-section, or just because she had had multiple C/s and they wouldn’t allow an attempted VBAmC.

      Assuming that she had labor with all three of her other births — which may not be accurate, since people are misquoted by journalists all the time — she may have been induced/augmented, so the contractions were quite a bit stronger and more painful than her natural ones would have been. I’ve read *numerous* stories in which mothers said that they didn’t really think they were in labor because their natural contractions were so mild compared to the Pitocin-induced ones. This may have been the case with this mom — she was thinking that they were too mild to be “real” labor, since “real” labor requires horrendously painful contractions. :-/

  3. That is amazing!

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