17-lb Home Birth

A couple of weeks ago, I came into a conversation, the first of which that I heard started with, “… he weighed 17 lb. at birth!” My first thought was, “Oh, it had to be a Cesarean!” But then I asked the story-teller to fill in what I had missed. The woman was referring to her mother’s second husband (who was probably born in the 1930s or 40s), who was born at home, weighing 17 pounds! The woman said that his mother had likely had gestational diabetes and nobody knew it. That is a reasonable supposition. She said that this mother felt like everything in her body was coming out, when she gave birth to him. Which also sounds like a reasonable description of such a birth! I would have loved to have heard more details if I could; but the conversation unfortunately turned immediately afterward, and I was unable to ask more. Wow.

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3 Responses

  1. BULLSHIT! It is just Bullshit. Have you seen a 17lb person? OMG that just is not true if she has a human pelvis…Just no. The baby was probably 7lbs or 10lbs and the story got jumbled. Now maybe it was his uncles mother’s Father’s horse? Now that could have been true.

  2. I have not heard any stories of babies anywhere near that big. I know that my grandfather was 11lbs. at birth, and according to my great aunt Sue, “all skin and bones.” I believe it. My grandfather was very tall and broad his entire life. Even in his 80s he was taller than most men. I’m certain that my grandfather was born at home, too, since he was the son of West Texas farmers, the nearest town being Abilene.

  3. Yeah, my BS meter is kinda going off on that one…or is it a Code Mec? LOL

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