Meanest Mommy Ever

It’s a hilarious blog I just recently discovered, and thought I’d share the link, so everyone else can enjoy the fun. One of the more recent “rules from the Meanest Mommy” was this one that literally had me laughing out loud:

Rule #198:  No, you may not glue those googly-eyes on your penis and scare your brother and/or dad tonight when you’re changing into your pajamas at bedtime.

Yes, you have to be a pretty mean mommy not to allow your son to do that! 🙂

I started reading through all the posts in reverse order, but if you want to start at #1, you can click here.


3 Responses

  1. LOL. But now you have given me ideas. I wonder how my husband will react if I take to sticking googley eyes in strategic places?

  2. I dunno — it might laugh (or shock) him right out of his mood. 😉 But if that’s what you’re going for… 😀

  3. This really is a hilarious blog! Thanks for sharing!

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