Michelle Duggar, home-birther (and daughter-in-law, too!)

You learn something new every day.

Not having a TV, I only keep up with the Duggars by proxy, or occasionally watching something my mom has taped. I knew that Michelle had had three C-sections (her first set of twins, and two transverse singletons, I think #15 & 17 — two of the youngest ones). But what I did not know was that she had had two home births! Here’s the link. Babies #6 and 7 were born at home, and she said it was wonderful. Interesting.

Update — I just found out that the oldest Duggar just became the proud father of the first Duggar grand-baby! And they had a home birth! How cool is that?! [Yes, I will get my mom to save the episode which includes the baby’s birth!!] Here’s a short clip from the Today show, which mentioned it, along with a snippet of video.


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  1. That’s pretty amazing! I am glad they were able to have a birth like that. I am still not brave enough to go it at home, but do like to wait so I only have 2 hours before birth at the hospital…too bad I didn’t realize an OP baby can get cozy and the body can wait to dilate until baby is in optimal position. Last time it was 5 hours in the hospital before the birth during the daytime shift…ugh. I like hospitals better when there a short time and late night early morning. No one is in a hurry to do anything to you then…

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