Swedish Snot-Sucker (Nosefrida)

Watching the following video on a blog I read made me think that I had heard of this, and wondered how it worked:

Yes, there are more glamorous sides to parenting! This visual is, um, well, more on the “functional” side of things. It certainly ranks on the “the things I do for you!” list that you keep so you can give your kids guilt-trips later on. 😉

I’ve always used an ear syringe as a nasal aspirator (for some reason, they don’t make nasal aspirators that can actually fit inside a baby’s nostril — I’m assuming it has something to do with people sticking it in too far and hurting their babies), but that method leaves something to be desired. Oh, and I just remembered — the last time I used it, I did suck blood out of my son’s nasal passage, which is probably the reason it’s an “ear” and not a “nose” thing. After that, I refused to use it, even though I thought my kids needed their noses cleaned out. So, I’m thinking that if we ever have another child, we’d get a Nosefrida.

What do you think of it? Have any of you used one of these?


3 Responses

  1. We have a “Baby Vac” which is similar, but hooks into your vacuum. It’s actually pretty sweet, but Caleb doesn’t like it. He hates having his nose wiped.

  2. Nosefrida really works well, it has been used in Europe for over ten years and is the only aspirator doctors recommend in Sweden. You can see another video from The Soft Landing here that is in English and is a bit more instructional:

    Nosefrida USA

  3. We have used this a billion times. We LOVE it. Its not gross – there is a filter and its a LOT more gentle than anything else on the market. Something that hooks into your 2000 watt vaccum – its not for us. The NoseFrida is quick and safe and really gentle and SUPER effective.

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