Two-tone twins

two tone twins

This is a picture of a father, mother, and twin girls (picture from here). The parents’ mothers were both white and their fathers were both black. Although the girls look the same to me, as far as facial features go, based on skin color alone, they would be classified as different races. While the odds are a million to one for this sort of thing to happen, this is actually not the only case. In fact, the next example is doubly odd: a couple had one set of “two-toned twins” followed by a second set!

two tone twins2

But they’re not the only ones, because here is another set:

two tone twins3

And yet another set!

two tone twins4

Finally some boys — I was beginning to think it was only a girl thing! (the link also has a YouTube video on the boys)

two tone twins5

Surely I’m not the only one to think that race should not be so divisive! As Acts 17:26 says, God has made from “one blood” or “one man” all the nations of men. We would do better if we did not try to divide ourselves into so many artificial groups, especially when based on something as frivolous as skin color.

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4 Responses

  1. That’s so amazing and unique! And so crazy how the first set of twins pictured look absolutely identical except for their coloring.

  2. I love reading about these two tone miracles. To me it’s not really a miracle. There are plenty of two tone children out there.

    I myself am a two tone female unidentical twin. I have fair skin with blue eyes and dark blonde hair. My twin brother has black hair, darkish skin and brown eyes. we’re both 22 years old now.

    Our dad is mixed race south african black, and our mother is Irish White.

    At school we used to get bullied because people didnt believe we were even related, let alone twins. but it seems that more and more two tone twins are being born due to mixed racial reproduction, which is fantastic.

    Even on my mixed race dads side of the family, there some people who are fair, some people who are black – it is very common for people in south africa to be mixed race. They define themselves as ‘coloured’. Infact many of my cousins are mixed in colours and eye colour. It’s actually a lot more common than people think. people just dont speak out about it, and some people dont even know that they do have mixed racial genes.

    • Cool!

      One of my friends is a geneticist, and he told me about some interesting things that show up in people’s genes sometimes. In England, they did some sort of population study, in which a bunch of men gave gene samples (cheek swabs), and one man had a Y-chromosome (which is only passed from father to son) that was African. They brought the guy in for an interview, and he was as British as could be. So they sent out requests for gene samples to all the other men with the same last name (since the last name is also passed from father to son, most of the time), and they found that all these Englishmen also had the same African gene. They’re guessing that an African man fathered a child (or children) at some point during the slave trade or perhaps as long ago as the Roman conquest.

      Another story was of one sect of a tribe in Africa that were dark-skinned, but had very Jewish traditions, and they claimed to be descendants of Jewish priests; and sure enough, their Y-chromosome genes were identical to those of some of the other Jews spread around the world. The story they tell is that their ancestors were shipwrecked, and intermarried with the African women there, but maintained their Jewish traditions and teachings.

      Genetics is such a cool thing!

      If you have a picture of you and your brother to link to, I’ll be glad to include it in this post — the more, the merrier! 🙂

  3. About the last poster’s comment, yes we have the Remba tribe here in Zimbabwe who claim to be Jews and have practiced Jewish traditions dr centuries. They are black like us and speak Shona but scientists did tests on the priests and found they had a common ancestor with the Levite priests living in Israel today. For years we all believed they were simply proselytes (Jewish converts) until those genetic tests. This goes to show that skin colour is virtually meaningless in genetic terms. Another study on Aborigines in Australia show that genetically they are more related to Japanese and Pacific islanders than they are to black Africans although they appear to be black. Interesting stuff

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