Article on Ina May Gaskin

From the UK, click here to read it. A couple of quibbles — the author says that in 24 states it’s illegal to have a home birth. That’s not exactly true — 24 states do not have legislation allowing CPMs to practice; but of those 24, some are legally restricted, while others are in a legal gray area (“alegal”, not “illegal”). Still, women can choose to stay home and give birth with a midwife, however the midwives may be subject to prosecution for attending said birth. Also, most hospitals do not have pubic shaves & enemas as standard (which the article implies, at least for one hospital), but I have heard a few things here and there about them still being offered or suggested even in the past 5 years.


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  1. I am sick of articles about Inna May Gaskins. I would like to see more article about Mary Breckinridge who I think has done more for women’s health than Inna May.

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