C-sections and postpartum infections

With “women of size” being more likely to have C-sections (I’ve read one nurse who said she can’t remember seeing a vaginal birth in a woman weighing over 200 lb. pregnant), and C-sections causing more postpartum infections than vaginal births, Well-Rounded Mama has written an important and salient post.

For what it’s worth, I weighed more than 200 lb pregnant both times I gave birth — uncomplicated vaginal home births. Maybe some doctors need to stop blaming “fat women” as a reason for C-sections, and start realizing that “increased risk” does not equal “certainty.” Perhaps some women just need more time to dilate before being rolled out to a C-section. Sure, some overweight women will need C-sections, and perhaps will need them at a greater rate than women of normal weight; but it bothers me that it seems that some doctors have a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to C-sections. I think they jump the gun at times.


4 Responses

  1. 6 hbs and over 200 lbs for 5 of them. 2 hospital vaginal deliveries, over 200 lbs for both of them. And for the most part they were easy (5 of those were 5 hours or less), and uncomplicated. Drs need to look past the fat.

  2. 6 babies…over 200 for all. These were in the hospital and vaginal, no epidurals. I had uncomplicated births. One child went to the nicu because she was not caught but bounced on the bed in lots of mec, 6 hours nicu…and I’ve had one bout of extra blood after the doc pulled the placenta out. I had a clot or retained piece…but after that nothing too bad. No other problems, none. No gestational diabetes, no pre-e…no high bp at birth. None of it. I hop up usually pretty quickly too afterwards, always have comments at how good I am at moving onto and off of the bed in labor, and how fast I begin moving after birth.

  3. I was over 200lbs at the end of both of my pregnancies too – started at just over, like 205 and gained 25-30lbs both times. No problems of any kind for either pregnancy, birth, or baby.

  4. Hello! Another large lady weighing in at over 200 last pregnancy and this pregnancy. Last delivery I had her vaginally. This pregnancy I plan to also deliver vaginally and there’s nothing going on to suggest she won’t come out vaginally unless there’s an emergency.

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