Code Mec! Code Mec!

Ok, it all started with Reality Rounds posting about the “Today Show” hatchet job on home birth, including that she was calling a “Code Bull$#*t” on it. That led to Stand and Deliver‘s post on the same, ending with,

I have an idea for Reality Rounds: let’s up the ante a little. I can think of no stickier, gooier, ickier fecal substance than infant meconium. So from now on, anything particularly outrageous or ignorant or downright stupid, when it pertains to birth, gets a big old…


Anyone care to make a “Code Mec” button for me?

At first, I thought, “No way could I do that!” Then I thought, “Why not try?” It’s not like I had to build a website or anything — just find an image of a button, copy and paste it into paint, and then alter it to say, “Code Mec.” Which I did.

code mec

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be cuter or better with a picture of a newborn on it — I thought to do it with a baby crying, but didn’t have a picture of my own that fit, and I didn’t feel like asking permission from some anonymous person to use the picture, so I found one of Keith that I thought would work. The two buttons are located on the left-hand side-bar, at the bottom, which is where they’ll stay for the time being, so others can use them.

code mec keith

To use the pictures, you can grab them by using a screen shot (hold down the Ctrl button and press the “PrtScn/SysRq” button, which copies whatever is on your screen; then paste that into Paint or whatever graphics program you use), or you can use the URL for it.

The first URL, for the text-only button, is as follows:

You will probably be able to use this just as is.

The second URL, for the button with the image on it, is as follows:

This is a larger picture, but to make it small like the one in my sidebar, change the width to 150 pixels, and the height to 131 (which keeps the proportions).

I’m not going to comment on the Today Show clip, because I haven’t yet watched it. I’m not sure I want my blood pressure to rise. Reading the ensuing comments on the two blogs was enough!

P.s. — if you use the button it’d be cool to know. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the code mec button – used it on our blog 🙂

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