My OB said WHAT?!?

Somebody started a new blog with that title,

to capture the crazy but true comments said to birthing women by doctors, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, and childbirth educators when they are having their babies! Got a “My OB Said WHAT?!?” to share?? Send them to And watch this site for more unbelievable but true comments said to women as they birt

Although it’s very new, there are already some doozies! Most of the time, I just kinda shake my head with a dazed smile on my face — because it’s either that or cry! I’d rather laugh (and say that I’m laughing at the idiotic people, and trying to forget that they actually have an impact on the woman to whom it was said to or about). Too bad these people aren’t identified by name in The Birth Survey. Since these are anonymous, we have no way of knowing how to avoid these people.

The most recent one, at the time of this posting was said to a woman who got a blood transfusion after childbirth — her OB said, “This is man blood, so don’t be surprised if you start feeling smarter.”

Um, yeah. I’m guessing she did feel a lot smarter AND FIRED HIS BUTT!!!! Sheesh!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the website with us!

  2. Thanks for the ping! The sad thing about these stories is that they are true, women are sending in comments from as far back as 41 years ago! They remember these hurtful or insensitive words for a lifetime! Watch the blog for exciting developments in the weeks ahead! Thanks again!

  3. My ob told me “You will be as wide as a house after you have the baby.” This was said while I was in labor…

    The nurses looked mortified.

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