Enfamil’s done it again… sigh….

They’ve now come out with a formula (Restfull) that globs up in your child’s stomach and intestines so that s/he doesn’t get hungry at night [you know, LIKE NORMAL] and therefore doesn’t wake up at night [you know, LIKE NORMAL]. I read about it on this blog that a friend of mine linked to. The comments after the post are as worth reading as the post.

Here are various quotes from the post and comments:

Babies need to sleep lightly and/or wake up frequently at night – it is a very protective feature against SIDS (might this new formula be linked with a SIDS increase?)

Why does society insist on putting babies away and letting them cry it out, and now a formula to help them sleep all night?!

A fellow pediatrician colleague here at the hospital recently treated a 4lb SIX month old who was starving to death because the baby’s parents thought they could just add rice cereal to her formula to ‘fill her up’ 3 times a day. Her brain had already completely shut down due to starvation and her body was near death as well. This poor child had been born a healthy, hearty baby and had literally starved to death at the hand of unknowing parents who thought she could just eat 3 times a day and “be quiet” in her crib the rest of the day/night.

How’s this for a tagline: “like lead in your baby’s tummy!”

Why would you want to give something to your baby that is going to suppress ANY of its natural urges? I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in over 5 years now, and I still wouldn’t give this to any of my children no matter what you paid me! Learning as much as I have about the GI tract and digestive system since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it really scares me!

If you don’t want to wake up to feed your baby, don’t have one, and instead buy a doll with an on/off switch.

The formula has added rice starch which makes it thick, foamy and stick to the bottle, so imagine it in your baby’s tummy. The best part? This is nothing more than Enfamil’s “AR” product which is for babies who spit up frequently.

Boy they’ll have a rude awakening when eventually they realize kids sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, even when they are old enough to eat food. What will they fill their tummies with then, wall paper paste?


5 Responses

  1. OMG. I have never heard of this. I met with the Enfamil rep. today as a matter of fact. I wish I knew about this formula when I spoke with her. I must say the comments are a bit harsh. Saying things like you should not have a baby if you do this….. is never helpful. New moms are not educated well on sleep patterns of newborns. I had a colicky baby who woke up every two hours for six months, and it was brutal. It truly can add to postpartum depression. However, products like these play in to the desperation of new moms. The sleep wake patterns of newborns have nothing to do with the stomach. They have more to do with the brain, and the infant trying to get used to life outside the uterus. It is neurodevelopmental, not GI developmental. I could go on and on about this topic, since I had my own infant with colic. I will conclude by saying this product sounds like a load of crap. (I am so subtle)

  2. That’s just insane! Why are we constantly fighting human nature? And I feel absolutely horrid for the baby who was starved. I wonder if she died? Did she get taken away?

  3. Uggg ….next they will slip a litte Ambien in it

  4. You know what I would like to see to change this? Breast feeding doula’s on the postpartum floor. If a doula can help a woman breast feed all night, the woman will see that it can happen successfully. As it is now. The postpartum nurses are overworked so , yeah they are going to give that baby a bottle and sit his/her butt in the nursery. Post partum nurses want thier patients to be safe. Safety is of the utmost concern. If we had a post partume doula hanging around, I think the PP nurses would let it go a bit.

  5. Ambien’s not ok for babies???? Uh-oh….worked great on my three kids when they were babies.

    (just kidding – suffering from sleep deprivation as I wait on a baby to come)

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