Two different posts in one

First, Sarah at Parenting by Trial and Error is looking for women who were diagnosed with depression before or during pregnancy:

I’m doing a medium-length story with a quick turnaround on prenatal depression for a parenting magazine overseas and I need some great quotes from several moms about dealing with depression while pregnant. To fit the bill, you either need to have been diagnosed with depression before or during pregnancy.

If you’re interested in being in a parenting article, please email me right away at sarah @ saraheludwig . com.

Thanks for your help!

Second, Rebirth Nurse is requesting submissions for “what not to say” to a woman who is pregnant or in labor, for her blog carnival on Aug. 23. You can email links to your post (it can be an older post) to knitting-fool AT hotmail DOT com.

While I can’t speak from personal experience on the first one, I’m going to take a couple of days and think about the second one. I know I can come up with some good, er, bad ones.


One Response

  1. I have a lot of friends who suffer depression while pregnant. Some of them fill ugly because of the deformations happen in their body. Nice post by the way.

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