New ovarian transplant technique

Read this article for a really cool treatment for women who are likely to lose their fertility due to cancer treatment or whatnot. Essentially, they undergo an operation to remove their ovaries and then freeze them; and then later on, their ovaries are transplanted back into their own bodies. Apparently, that in itself is not all that new, but the success of this particular technique is. The problem with just putting the ovaries back is that the blood supply many times does not re-establish itself enough to actually make the ovaries function properly.

To overcome this problem they carried out a two-stage procedure, first grafting small pieces of the frozen ovarian tissue in the ovarian and peritoneal areas three days before the real transplant. The first graft encourages the growth of blood vessels and paves the way for the ovary to become fully functioning in a shorter time scale than would be possible if all the tissue were to be transplanted at the same time.

One woman has already had a baby, and another is currently pregnant, using their own ovaries and this technique.


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