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A premature baby declared dead by doctors was found to be alive hours later when he was taken home for a funeral wake.

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  1. I am currently writing a post on resuscitation of extremely premature infants, like the one you mentioned. I had to start and stop so many times because the realities of it tear you apart.

    I am sorry, but stories like the one the Daily Mail and the one BBC shows: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8191023.stm, drive me crazy! They marginalize the seriousness and ethics of resuscitating a 24 weeker at 500 grams. This story is a tragedy, anyway you look at it. A birth at 24 weeks is tragic. An unsuccessful ( and some would argue, a successful) resuscitation at 24 weeks is tragic. A delay in treatment of a viable infant of four hours is beyond tragic (I do not believe it is criminal, like the BBC quotes).
    This poor infant will have less than a 3% chance of survival without PROFOUND neurological impairments. The family is furious with the hospital for a perceived effed up resuscitation. (the hospital reportedly resuscitated this infant for one hour. This is unheard of. If a neonate does not have a heart rate for greater than 10 minutes, resuscitation should be stopped, per AAP). Something seems off. I have no idea what the resuscitation capabilities are in a country like Paraguay. My guess is no where near what the US has. The same for any sort of developmental follow up, if this infant survives. Sad case.

    • I was surprised that the infant could even survive that long without artificial respiration — especially after having been so depressed that doctors assumed he was dead. Tonight’s post is a “reader beware” post about typographical errors and other mistakes (usually innocent, sometimes perhaps more deliberate) that color one’s perceptions of the truth of the story. Your pointing out “the resuscitation for 1 hour” thing makes me say — I did think that was quite odd, because when one thinks “resus” one usually thinks of an emergency situation; I wonder if the babe was on artificial respiration for an hour or something with some measurable pulse which then dropped/stopped, and then they pulled the plug, and it was reported as resuscitation, or something — the error being due to reporter or editor ignorance of hospital procedures.

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