Click here for an excellent and comprehensive post on pushing.

h/t to Molly for the link


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  1. I agree with some of what she is saying but not all. Not all women can give birth in a coma. Some women need to push.

    I also question how much pushing this woman has done with actual patients? I don’t start out purple pushing. I wait until folks feel an urge but sometimes that urge never comes. And in the hospital if you are fully dilated for 7 hours, the Doc may want to section you for failure to progress or failure to desend. so sometimes it behooves you to push.

    If you have an epidural pushing is more of a problem cause you don’t feel like pushing many times.

    Pushing is something I have thought a lot about. I have witnessed a lot of pushing. Hundreds and hundreds of women pushing. And not everybody is going to push the same. Some will push better on their side on all fours and some will push better flat on their back in the stranded beetle position. Go figure?

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