Inspirational Quote of the Day

“Don’t think of it as contractions… think of it as the uterus hugging the baby good-bye!”

[Not sure who should be credited — somebody on an email list said it, but she didn’t know who she heard it from originally.]


6 Responses

  1. Thanks to Hypnobabies, I found most of these parting hugs to be very tolerable. About 15 to 20 of them were THE MOST PAINFUL HUGS IN THE WORLD AND I WANTED TO PEEL OFF MY SKIN AND RUN AWAY FROM THE HUGS.

    And then it was time to push. See ya, baby!

  2. That is cute.

  3. heheheheheheh

  4. I know we talk about pressure waves being like hugs in Hypnobabies. At one birth there was a mom who would have a pressure wave and after burst out laughing, “It really does feel like a big hug!”

    She must have said this 10 times during her birth.

  5. If someone told me my contractions were just a “hug”, I would give them a “hug” also, and hope not to be arrested for assault.

  6. Love that! I used a visual very similar to that with hypnobabies. Love it!

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