Great post on doulas

Here at Birth at Home in Arizona. Many times women may say, “What do I need a doula for? — my husband will be there.” Sometimes husbands say, “I don’t want a doula there — I want to be there for my wife, not have a doula elbow me out of the way.” This post explores the topic in more detail, so go read it.

While it is possible for men to be such good labor support as to make a doula redundant, or for doulas to make men feel redundant, this is somewhat rare. What is much more typical is for doulas to help the dad help the mom, for example, by suggesting various comfort measures that are just not blatantly obvious to most men. [And if most men are like my husband, it would have to be blatantly obvious! :-)] So, dads and doulas are usually partners in labor support, complementing each other’s skills and abilities (as well as letting each other have periods of rest if need be), combining forces to make a great team to help the laboring woman.


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  1. Good post. I agree. If a doula is doing her job right, she is making things easier for both Mom and Dad. It is sort of like being a tour guide. You wouldn’t hike in a foreign country with a language barrier? You would hire a tour guide to show you the way safely.

    I would like to see women have doulas at birth but also at home when they come home from the hospital. The home from the hospital can be a critical time for some folks and they could use support. And food, and clean clothes, and a clean bathroom.

  2. Thanks, Kathy!!! 🙂

  3. One of the biggest regrets with my first birth is that I did not have a doula. Maybe, just maybe, I would not have had that C-section then :(.

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