What do you think?

Woman pumps her breastmilk for her father who is fighting cancer. His cancer is doing better, but it might be due to chemotherapy rather than the breastmilk.

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What would you do? (Poll imbedded — if you can’t see the poll through Google Reader or whatever, click through to view the original post on the blog.) Honestly, I feel really weird about that, although the rational part of my brain says, “Of course! — anything that might work to save his life.” And I pumped my breastmilk for a friend’s adopted baby, so I didn’t have a problem with that. But I asked my husband, because I figured he’d probably be a bit squeamish, and he said, “No problem — whatever works!” — and that surprised me quite a bit.


2 Responses

  1. Yes, it does feel just weird…. But it’s a mental block that’s worth overcoming for the sake of saving a life. Personally, I think that the dad has the harder part of the job – drinking one’s daughter’s breastmilk, LOL!!

  2. I think most folks who have pumped wouldn’t mind pumping again. It is not like you are breast feeding them directly. That would be weird.

    My concern here is that some might think the Cancer is being cured by breast milk. The breast milk probably cannot hurt, depending on the type of cancer. But seeking alternate treatment to Cancer has been falal in many folks.

    My SIL is a surgeon and in the recent past many more folks are coming in with tumors who decided to use alternative measures instead of surgery of chemo. This is extrememly dangerous. Not to mention heart breaking when they come back with a tumor that is huge.

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