An adoption story

I’ve mentioned before the baby friends of mine adopted a few weeks after my younger son was born. Although today isn’t his birthday, I’m including the story of his birth and adoption now, because it is just a cool story.

His adoptive parents had been unable to conceive, and had looked into adoption a couple of years before the baby’s birth. They contacted an adoption agency in another state that friends of theirs had used (or perhaps knew personally or professionally), and had gone out there to start the adoption process… but found out that this particular agency only dealt in open adoptions (when the birth mother has the ability to keep in contact with the child), and my friends wanted a closed adoption. They didn’t even fill out the application. Instead, they became foster parents of two lovely little boys, which plays into the story.

Fast-forward a couple of years, to three years ago.

A woman in the town where the adoption agency was located walked into an obstetrician’s office and announced that she was pregnant, nearly due, and wanted to have a scheduled C-section and give the baby up for adoption. Talk about a bombshell. The doctor knew a friend who was a lawyer for the adoption agency, so they got things squared away. The only problem was, the agency dealt in open adoptions only, and this woman wanted a closed adoption — she didn’t even want to know whether she had a boy or a girl. The lawyer (or someone on staff at the agency) remembered a couple who had wanted a closed adoption, but they didn’t fill out an application, so they couldn’t get in touch with them. But the person at the agency knew that they went to church with friends of friends, so they called the only person in our church they knew, to see if they could get the information on this couple.

He happened to be home when all of his family was gone — and he really should have been gone, too, but he really needed to mow his lawn, so he was home instead of with his family. He came into the house to get a glass of water and just happened to be in the house when the phone rang. [I always get chill bumps when I think about this.] Sure enough, he had the phone number of my friends, which he gave to the adoption agency. [Cue more chill bumps.] My friend also had been gone almost all day, and had just rushed home to get her foster sons ready for their baseball game, and were actually running late. They were already supposed to be out of the house, and were just leaving when the phone rang. My friend almost didn’t answer the phone, but went back in to get it. And the woman on the phone was offering her a chance to adopt a baby — something they had given up hope of ever doing some years ago.

The rest, as they say, is history. My friends have been so blessed as the parents of this baby. They love him as much as I love my own sons. They are as thrilled and proud of him as they possibly could be. In some ways, they probably love him more than the average parents love their baby, because he was so unexpected yet so longed for. Most parents get 9 months to prepare for a baby; they got one day.


4 Responses

  1. What happened to the foster children? I am hoping they also got adopted.

  2. They were with my friends for three years total before their mom got her life straightened out and she got them back. My friends were hoping to be able to adopt them once parental rights were terminated, but the mom got off drugs so was able to be a good mom again. [They were in foster care not for abuse reasons, but just simple neglect.] But it was tough for my friends to give them up, and tough for the kids to go back, especially after so long. They had had monthly visitation with their mom over the course of the years, so it’s not like they forgot her, but they called my friends “mom” and “dad” and wanted to stay with them forever and were hoping they could be adopted, too, just like the baby. So it was sad — although they still keep in touch.

  3. Yes, foster care has its own heart aches. Have I ever told you the story of how my little sister took in foster children? She lost one then befriended the Mother and now she has adopted my little neice. It was a huge emotional trauma when my neice went back to her birth mother. I didn’t know if we would ever see her again. My sister has an open adoption situation and it works out well for the most part. And now she has my little nephew too. His mother’s only request is that she get pictures once a year.

  4. That is a great story. So happy for them! It sounds like it was meant to be. All the pieces falling into place.

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