Doula segment on the Today Show

If you didn’t see it when it aired originally, go check it out — pretty good! I didn’t particularly like how they had the cost of a doula ($200-$800), non-refundable by most insurance companies, sounding like such a big negative. I know it’s a big chunk of change out of pocket, but it is important to realize what you get for your money. In fact, if a doula can help you avoid unnecessary interventions (like an epidural or a C-section), you may easily recoup your cost by having lower out-of-pocket costs from your hospital stay (unless you have a set price regardless of what happens; but most people pay a percentage of all costs), and as I pointed out in this recent post, a percentage of all costs associated with an epidural and/or a C-section may easily be more than the cost of a doula which can help avoid all that.


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  1. Not to mention that some people (who have more money than me!) will easily spend $200 for a dinner-date, or $800+ for a 3-day vacation. Priorities! I didn’t personally use a doula – I have a husband who was willing and *able* to support me well, and I’m a very quiet, internal-dialogue kind of person when I’m uncomfortable or working hard. We don’t have that kind of money lying around, but we would have scraped it up for sure if we’d needed to!

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