The next birth? What about *this* birth?

Far too often, women put their wishes and dreams for birth on hold, promising to make changes for the next birth. Many women “plan” on having a natural childbirth (and I put that in quotes because too many women are like my oldest sister — their “plan” is assuming that they’ll show up to the hospital and have a natural labor and birth simply because women have been having unmedicated births for millenia), but then end up agreeing to an unnecessary induction (or other intervention), and regretfully let go of the dream or plan “this time… but next time will be different!”

But what about this birth? For one thing, it’s your only chance to give birth to this baby, which makes it important, even if you have other children. But for another, one intervention leads more easily to the next, and you may end up with a C-section for your first birth, and then find it difficult or impossible to have anything but a C-section for subsequent births. Click here to read an awesome post on “this birth”.


5 Responses

  1. Yep. There are no do-overs.

    I had the same plan as your sis. I was prepared for my part of birth. I was NOT, however, prepared for the three ring circus environment of a hospital. This can be attributed to failing to take a chidbirth education class from an INDEPENDENT CBE.

  2. I totally agree. I dont understand why if they want natural CB that they dont do as MUCH as they can to get it. I encourage friends to get midwives taht are SUPER hands off, researching your hospitals, getting stats for c sections, Epi’s and, inductions. Or even better, not stepping foot in a hospital because chances are, a natural (and I mean 100% natural) childbirth is hard to come by.

  3. It’s defiantly a good idea to make the first birth a good experience, and preferably not a c-section.

  4. Sometimes I wish I could not stay anonymous so I could tell everyone where I work! We do have 100% natural childbirths for women who want them. They only thing we do not have is water births. (is that really considered natural anyway? How many women back in the day delivered in water? Sorry, I’m digressing). Sometimes all the hospital bashing gets me down. Yes a lot of it is warranted, but I rarely hear or see the great hospital birth stories being posted. I will one day write about my fabulous hospital VBAC. I felt safe, secure, empowered and surrounded by a sisterhood of women who supported me, all in a hospital bed.

  5. […] The earlier you ask your care provider these questions, the sooner you will know if they are a good fit.  If you don’t like the answers then SWITCH!  But remember, it is never to late to switch.  I have had doula clients switch at 37 weeks, but I know moms who have switched later.  Don’t think, I will just wait until my “next birth.” […]

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