Why I love blogging

There are a lot of reasons I like blogging. I like connecting with like-minded (or not-so-like-minded) birth people all over the world. I read their blogs; they read my blog; we comment on each other’s blogs, and hopefully come to a greater knowledge and understanding of each other, of other people and situations, of birth in our own corner of the world, our own perspective, etc. I get to read interesting and insightful posts, and through blogs I come by more links that I’m glad I read, than I would have discovered otherwise.

But one of the reasons why I most like blogging — and why I blog so frequently and so much — is that it serves as a sort of online “memory bank” for me. Sure, bookmarks (on the computer or online) are helpful, but I use my blog as a big file folder that anyone can access. I’m not for sure when this will post, because I write up posts several days in advance sometimes, and then schedule them to post about the same time of day every day, and sometimes I will bump one post up or down, depending on what else I have in queue (for instance, if something time-sensitive comes to my attention, I will put it at the head of the line, and posts like this get bumped to the end). But, at the time I’m writing this, today somebody in an email group asked about a particular video on YouTube, so I just went into my WordPress Dashboard, pulled up the posts, and then filtered them by the category “birth video”, because the video she mentioned sounded familiar, and I was pretty sure that I had blogged about it before. It took maybe half a minute, and I had it! Is that cool, or what? 🙂

Many of the posts I write serve as detailed notes to myself about the links — what I got out of it, what I liked or disliked about it, etc., which also prompts my memory when I need to narrow down the list of posts I need to look through. In this case, I was looking for a twins birth video, but I wasn’t sure how I had worded the post, or if it was a post by itself or one of those “half-dozen links” posts, so I just filtered it down to the “birth videos” category, then looked at the tags to see which one(s) looked most promising. I got it on the second try.

This sort of thing has happened several times in the past several months — somebody will ask about something that sounds familiar, so I’ll check my blog, and *snap* there it is. Blogging is better than Delicious in this way too, because I can have a bunch of links in one post, whereas in Delicious, each link has to be separate. Sure, I can use the same tag to link them all into the same category, but it just feels “clunky” to me to do that. Ah, the internet! Love it!!


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  1. Very, very true! 🙂

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