Do You Doula?

One of the “Birth Matters Virginia” educational videos is titled “Do you Doula?” and focuses on what doulas do and how they support laboring women. I really liked the video, because it is very informative. Many women don’t even know what a doula is, or think they won’t need one; and I think this video will help them see the great benefit a doula can be to them.

I’m a strong advocate of women having a doula during labor and birth, particularly if they are planning a hospital birth, since they can’t know for sure who will be attending their labor and birth in a hospital. Most doctors and midwives work in groups or partnerships, and a woman cannot guarantee that her preferred choice will actually be there; plus there is a wide range of supportiveness in hospital nurses — some nurses don’t care or are having an off day, and even nurses who do care may not have the time or ability to actually help a laboring mother, since they may be in charge of the care of more than one woman, or have to catch up with charting, etc.

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  1. what’s a doula anyway? you havent given us the slightest description of what doula is. anyway, its good that there are possible related posts that are automatically generated, at least i can search what doula is. thanks anyway.

    • So sorry! A doula is a woman who attends a pregnant woman during labor and birth. The term “doula” is the Greek word for “female servant”; and sums up the way most doulas feel about their work — they are there basically to do the woman’s bidding — to get her food, something to drink, etc.; and she is knowledgeable about birth and how to support women physically and emotionally through labor, with things like applying counterpressure on her back during contractions if needed, and talking and encouraging her with words; she knows different positions that may help a baby turn or to make labor easier and faster, etc. There have been several trials about doulas, and the results were consistently positive — women with doulas tended to need fewer epidurals, labor augmentation, C-sections and other interventions; their labors were shorter; and they rated their birth experience as more positive than women who did not have a doula.

  2. I filmed and edited the documentary “Do You Doula”. Thank you for writing about our film.

    Yes, we chose not to define what a doula was in our film. We felt is wasn’t necessary, as we figured people watching it were looking for “more” information on a doula, and the simplest search on the Internet will tell them “what” a doula is.

    Thanks again.

  3. I hope you don’t miss the birth photos I posted on my blog. I guess you can say “I doula.” 🙂

  4. Denise,

    I saw the pics and they were great!

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