“Birth Matters Virginia” Video Contest

Previously, I had blogged about the video contest sponsored by Birth Matters Virginia. Now that the deadline for new entries has passed, there are 44 videos in the running. In order to be considered for the contest, entries had to have a YouTube tag of “BirthMattersVirginia,” so it’s easy to find them. Here is the link to all the videos with that tag. I haven’t had a chance to watch them yet, but it promises to be good. Remember to vote for your favorite(s)!

Here is a video that was included in the facebook group’s links, but is not actually entered in the contest (perhaps because Dr. Buckley is one of the judges, and also appears in the video?). Enjoy “We Can Be Much Kinder,” a video about delayed cord clamping:


3 Responses

  1. The video has been removed…link no longer works, alas.

    They sent me another link, so now it’s up again! — Kathy

  2. You can see it here:

    “We Can Be Much Kinder” w/ Dr Sarah Buckley and others (including my daughter Brook!) speaking about Physiological Cord Clamping or Delayed Cord Clamping (DCC) by Louann “Janel” Martin-Miranda, M.A. CranioSacral based Attachment and Trauma Therapist Baby Doula/Birth Videographer/Filmmaker

    Please view.
    give your rating …as this is a contest and the better the ratings the better the chances are she will win!
    comment as you feel so inclined.
    Janel’s blogspot and film that she is raising funds for “The Other Side of the Glass” can be viewed at http://theothersideoftheglassthefilm.blogspot.com/

    thank you-lynn (Brook’s mom!)

  3. Thanks for posting about my film. It is entered in the contest. Twice it has been taken down by Youtube for inappropriate content (nipples, I presume, as there is no communication from Youtube, but could be because of the content of mothers being so empowered that she is the one who decides the timing.) It is back up, rated 18+ on Metacafe and now my viewers do have to endure advertisements of silicon breasts just short of showing nipples and undulating buttocks. It’s a bizarro world when this is acceptable but a woman breastfeeding is not.

    Here is new link on Metacafe: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2870183/we_can_be_much_kinder_birth_matters_video_contest/

    Thanks and blessings to you,

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