International Birth Wisdom Week

This is from the wonderful Independent Childbirth birth community I belong to!  Which is a wonderfully supportive group of Childbirth Educators who teach independently (visit website to find out more!)

We are holding a cyber event next week.  We would love all birth bloggers to join!

All you have to do is blog about birth wisdom whether it’s refuting an obstetrical myth or sharing a birth story of a woman who experienced spontaneous birth outside ‘textbook’ birth (i.e. a posterior birth, cesarean prevention, VBAC, twins, international birth voices are of great need, etc.).  In your post link back to the independent childbirth blog post on birth wisdom (it is not yet on the site).

When you complete your post send us a link to it to view it for inclusion in the IC blog post.  In addition, if you visit those posts that are listed on the IC blog post and leave comments on a couple that inspire you to comment we’ll send you a ‘button’ for your blog that you may wish to include on your blog.

Many of us have readers who follow our blogs but may not be aware of other blogs that also have great information to share.  Together we are an awesome resource is what the IC birth wisdom cyber event is about.  The birth community is global yet we, what we know, are/is all available wherever a mother resides.

If you are interested in joining the event please email us at births @ comcast dot net.  Please feel free to forward this email to other birth groups.

Thank you in advance for sharing what you know and inspiring mothers in your neighborhood and “ours.”


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