One organ, two functions

I’ve been kicking around this idea for a while — and I will admit that it first started in my mind because of the pro-breastfeeding people’s argument that people should not be embarrassed or offended by breastfeeding in public because, after all, nursing is a natural function of the body! I agree with that. However, breasts are also sexual. I’ve yet to see any breastfeeding advocate say that it is perfectly all right for men to expose themselves in public as long as they are urinating. If anybody reading this is of that philosophy, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

But on another blog I read the blogger was relaying her irritation about the “breasts are for sex [not breastfeeding]” mentality, and said the same thing could be said for vaginas. I like my response, so I’m going to paste it in this post, too.

I sometimes get a kick out of the “organs used for sex” mentality, because it only seems to apply to women. Why is it that we never talk about how that the penis is used for both sex and urination? Should men have a tube cut into their bladder to preserve their penises from the non-sexual function of peeing?? Why is it that only women’s sexual/practical organs must be preserved for purely sexual use???

What say you? 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Hee hee. That’s funny.

  2. So very true!

    It makes me think of Ina May’s comment that we aren’t surprised that penises can grow and shrink, so we shouldn’t be surprised that vaginas can stretch to let a baby out and then shrink back.


  3. You’re not going to like my comment. In regards to breasts being both functional and sexual – well in reality for mammals breasts exist for only one function; nursing infants. The sexual part is a human invention, but only in cultures that cover that part of our body up – much the same as ankles being exposed was sexual 150 years ago in our culture. In general, there is only one purpose behind breasts and that’s for lactation – and I know Desmond Morris would say otherwise (they also advertise fertility as a extension/mirror of the fat on the buttocks in as much as the fat is lost only during reproduction in healthy females), they’re for feeding infants.

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