Fun and flirty… post-op panties?

This one is a new one on me, but click here to see what I’m talking about. It’s designed with the post-surgical mother in mind, and I assume is meant to be an alternative to the old-fashioned “granny panties” that would likely be most C-section moms’ only choice of underwear, because they don’t put pressure on the incision site like bikini-cut panties would.

So, go take a look and tell me what you think. Especially those of my readers who have had C-sections — would you buy these, or would the chipper and cheery “fun and flirty” line put you off? Or, do you feel like having trendy-looking underwear would have helped you feel better about your C-section?

Personally, I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I’m glad they exist if they are helpful to women who have C-sections; but part of me is pretty irritated that 1/3 of all women who give birth this year will find themselves “needing” these. It also seems to downplay the seriousness of major abdominal surgery, sounding like, “Ooo, look, and if I end up with a C-section, I can get some of these panties — aren’t they cute?!?” That also bugs me.

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14 Responses

  1. OMG! The last thing I wanted was “fun and flirty” underwear while I was recovering from my C/S. Seriously, I would have went Lorena Bobbitt on my husband if he suggested anything flirty while I had a fresh incision on my abdomen. Men must have developed this underwear.

  2. Ha ha! No kidding, RR!

    You know, there are a bunch of products like that out and I’ve thought the same thing. Great, but… too bad there would be a huge demand for them.

  3. “Czela Bellies CesareanWear… helping you celebrate your own celestial belly. ”


  4. You know, I think cute underwear is not just for the guy. I think women like to feel cute even if it’s not to be sexy. However, I find it sad that there is a market for these. That is where the bigger problem is. How on earth has it come to a 3rd of women? SAD!

  5. I like the underwear. It looks comfy, though I have no clue how it would feel on a scar.
    However, it only goes up to size 10-12? Now that is offensive.

  6. Maria, I didn’t look so far as to see the sizes — that is very bad! Especially since “women of size” are more likely to end up cut than smaller women!

  7. I contacted them.
    I am a size 16-18. I would really like a pair… *smug*.
    Here is what I wrote:


    In looking through your online catalog, I noticed that the biggest size this underwear comes in is a size 10-12. As a bigger size woman, I find this rather offensive, especially since on average c-sections are performed more often on bigger women than on slim ones.

    I hope that will carry bigger sizes in the near future.

    Thank you,
    Maria Armstrong.

  8. Well, already received a response:

    Hello Maria,
    Perhaps we should make it more clear on our website. We do carry larger sizes, and you are right, these are our number one seller! We are currently completely sold out of our larger sizes. We were recently featured in American Baby and Daily Candy the same week, so our stock has flown off the shelves.

    We are in production now and should have more in stock in apx. 4 weeks.

    Thank you for your comment and the chance to let you know we do indeed know that most women need the larger sizes.

    Jennifer Bourgoyne
    Czela Blue

    That makes me feel better!

  9. Well, that’s good news; but I’m still sad that there is such a demand for the product.

  10. I think it’s a great idea. When I had my first child at 24, she was breach, so I had a cesarian birth. Before her, I was used to wearing normal looking underpants, but afterwards I had to switch to grandma support panties. I felt self conscious that my shirt would ride up in the back and expose my support underwear. I wish I had these underwear back in 1990, I would have felt so much better about myself.

  11. I can imagine wanting a pair of these actually. And not to feel sexy or flirty. These are fun and they are attractive and I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to feel that rather than how wone must feel whilst wearing granny panties. And I’m a natural birthing advocate and childbirth educator – pretty crunchy some would say. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to feel attractive and if after surgery someone wants to feel that way – good for them. Now, would I pay $25-35 for one pair of undies? Nopers. And that would be my only real issue with them!

  12. Pretty panties would have been nice…but not worth $25.

  13. why all these negative comments for something new that helps a new mom feel better about herself? the company doesn’t seem to be promoting c-sections..if you read the bio of the designer, you will see it was out of neccessity. i think they’re cute. i hope i don’t need them, but good to know they are there.

  14. I had a c-section with my first a few years ago because he was breech and would have loved to have the option of some nice looking underwear rather than the granny style that were available to us at the time. Not so much to look sexy, please, but to FEEL more normal.

    I think this product is a great option for women who are looking for style as well as comfort while healing and caring for their new baby – although the price is a bit steep.

    $20 price range would have been much more reasonable…. not sure if I would have splurged on something that would only get a few weeks of wear… :/

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