Human Milk for Human Babies — IdeaBlob

Someone left the following comment on my blog, and I like the idea. Considering that low-income women are the ones most likely to have health problems during pregnancy (which also tend to affect their babies, particularly making them more likely to be born early or at low weight, etc.), their babies stand to benefit the most from breastfeeding… but these women are also least likely to breastfeed, so their babies get a double-whammy, which costs everyone in society.


My name is Leslie Ott & I am a certified lactation educator, pursuing my ongoing education and hours to become an IBCLC. I currently provide breastfeeding education to women in my community but I am actively pursing a different venture to begin a non profit organization to provide breastfeeding education, resources, lactation consultant services & support, breast pumps and supplies at little or no cost for low income & disadvantaged mothers. Our goal is to raise & extend the incidence of breastfeeding in the socioeconomic group with the lowest rates by providing everything to ensure breastfeeding success.

I have submitted my idea to the popular website who gives away $10,000 to the idea with the most votes that month.

You can view my idea at

Would your blog allow the promotion of my idea to solicit as many votes as possible??

Any promotion would be appreciated!!

Thank You,
Leslie Ott

Go vote! 🙂


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