Birth Survey is here!

Although I haven’t gotten anything official, the national results for The Birth Survey have finally been released! Woo-hoo!!! I checked it a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t see any local hospitals — or any care providers outside of New York City — but today I checked, and it’s up! Yippee! Of course in my area (backwards as it is), there are only a few responses, but I hope to change that. I’ve got a stack of postcards and take some with me to the store, and when I see a pregnant woman or someone with a small child, I try to give him or her a postcard and explain what it is about. Yes, I gave a “Birth Survey” postcard to a man — how’s that for being unsexist? — he had an infant, so he was fair game, as far as I was concerned! 🙂

If you have had a baby in the past 3 years, please fill out the survey about your experiences — whether you loved or hated your doctor, midwife, nurse, anesthesiologist, etc., or just found him or her to be “okay”, other women in your area want to know about it! Think about it this way — if you had a real jerk for a doctor, don’t you wish somebody had told you he was a jerk before you ended up with him? Do someone else a favor, then, and tell them through the survey. Contrarily, if you had a great doctor (or other care provider), you can also do other women in your area a favor and tell them about your wonderful experience.

One of the good things about this survey is that it asks about so many things, and you can rate your care providers and place of care individually — in other words, if you had an awesome nurse but an awful hospital, you can reflect that in your ratings. Or if your nurse left something to be desired but your doctor was wonderful, you can say that. Also, if your doctor was great on prenatals but not so great during birth, you can say that. Or if he was ho-hum during prenatals but the best birth attendant you can think of, you can say it. Were you pushed into having unwanted drugs or other interventions? — say it! Did you ask for an epidural and had to wait a long time? — say it. Did your doctor tell you one thing during pregnancy and then totally change the rules during labor? — say it!

Ok, I’m so excited! But I’m going to stop now before I ramble on even more. Yee-ha! Go check it out, and if you haven’t yet filled it out, do it!! Your pregnant sisters now and in the future will thank you for it. Let your voice be heard!


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  1. Yay!! I keep checking for it. I’m so glad it’s working! My midwife rocked it with a 5 out of 5. =)

    At CIMS, the grassroots committee for The Birth Survey asked if anyone knew anyone in your neck of the woods where responses were low. I’m so glad you’re passing out postcards.

    There are a bunch of webinars coming up…

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