Interesting Motherhood Survey

From an email list I’m on…

We are two doctoral students researching the effects of pregnancy and
motherhood on the lives of women for our dissertations. With your much
needed help, we would like to learn more about the process of becoming
a mother and how it may inform a woman’s identity, relationships,
spirituality, mental health, and general well-being. We welcome
diverse voices from multiple perspectives!

Our online survey is easy to take and will take only 30-60min of your
time now and again after you give birth. Most of all, we hope it
serves as an opportunity for you to reflect on your experience and
guide others in their path.

If you are pregnant and in your 2nd or 3rd trimester, please consider
participating. We are IRB approved by our university.

For more information and the survey:
click on: “The Motherhood Project”

Head & Belly
1-800-871-9012 ext. 74538


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