World Record Moms

After hearing about the Brazilian 9-year-old girl whose twins were aborted because they were supposedly life-threatening (although the first hospital this girl was taken to said her case was not life-threatening), I wondered if this was the youngest confirmed pregnancy for a girl in the world. It was not. Care to guess how old the youngest mother was when she gave birth?

Keep thinking.

Keep guessing.

She was five years old. Yikes. Read more about her amazing case here, as well as some other mothers who hold world records in various things, such as Bobbi McCaughey who gave birth the first surviving septuplets, the woman who gave birth to the closest two children in two different pregnancies (a scant 7 months apart), the woman who gave birth over the longest span (41.5 years apart), and the woman who had the most surviving children. (I’ll just tell you, she had several sets of quadruplets, triplets and twins, but even the number of pregnancies is still amazing, not to mention the fact that almost all but two of her children survived infancy — in the 1700s in Russia!)


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  1. Supposedly?

    They do c-sections for twins. Implying that a nine year old girl could and should give birth because a five year old did is the saddest thing I have read in a long time.

    She was raped for years by her stepfather. He also raped her disabled older sister for years as well.

    Do you know that the Brazilian archbishop said she should carry them to term and just have a caesarean? How do you feel about that?

    This had nothing to do with world records, did it, Cathy?

    • My name is spelled with a K.

      Would you want to be put to death because your father raped someone? I don’t condone his behavior; in fact, I think he should be given the death penalty for his crime. Yes, it’s sad when children are sexually abused in any form, which is why I favor stricter penalties for sex abusers, particularly those of children. Dead people don’t abuse anyone any more. I’ve read numerous stories of women and girls who conceived because of rape and incest, and chose to let their babies live. They have said that they saw the babies as innocent and unworthy of death, and as something good coming from something horrible. I don’t say it would be easy, but I don’t think I could kill my child because his father raped me.

      I stand by my statement of “supposedly life-threatening” because the first hospital said that the pregnancy was not life-threatening; also in the article, it mentioned that some 10-year-olds had also carried babies to term. I’ve never read anything that said why the pregnancy was threatening the girl’s life.

      And although you apparently don’t believe it, yes, it was about the world records these mothers held. I found them extremely interesting.

  2. I read the case of the 5 year old who gave birth a while ago and it stuck with me. Poor little girl!!! Interesting post!!!

  3. Where is the link to read more about the world-record moms? I can’t find it! 😦

  4. i think my mother had the most caesarean s she had eleven and lived till 92

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