Post-birth reflections

I have a device that converts from VHS to DVD, and am currently taking a friend’s home movies and transferring them to DVDs. (Just in case you’re curious, I’m using Pinnacle Studio, version 12; the contraption is called “MovieBox”; basically, you connect your camcorder or VCR into the MovieBox instead of into your TV, and then connect the MovieBox by USB cable into your computer. Then you play the tape and record it into your computer digitally, and use the software to edit it as you want and then burn it to a DVD. I enjoy it.)

Right now I’m recording and watching the tape of the birth and the first few days afterwards of the friend’s first grandchild. It was a typical hospital birth — complete with mom in stirrups and with sterile drapes over the legs and the husband in sterile scrubs though it was a vaginal birth — a lot that I could let irritate me if I let it; but I just couldn’t help but notice something that really bothered me in the first day or two after the birth, while they were still at the hospital.

At one point, the father brings the baby from the nursery to the room, pushing the baby in her little plastic isolette. Not holding the baby, but just carting her around. It struck me as odd, but I know it is completely normal, though not (in my opinion) natural. What is natural is to carry the baby when transporting it, especially in the first day or two after birth. It just bothered me to see this tiny baby completely alone, as far as she knew, kept away from her mother in the nursery and only brought to see the mother from time to time, and for her to be kept in her isolette for the majority of the time — whether in the nursery, in transit to or from the mother’s room, or in the mother’s room.

You see, I contrast that to my home births, and the fact that the baby was not placed in a carrier except for the car seat for weeks. When the baby was moved from one room to another, he was carried in someone’s arms. Call me weird, but I think that that is normal!

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  1. It might depend on the institution but I was not ALLOWED to carry my daughter around. I was bored and went to kick it at the nurse’s station. It was kind of funny… they said “yeah, pull up a chair!” Then one of them jumped up quickly and threw a Chux pad down on it. I had to set her in that lucite bassinet and roll her around.

    I think it’s a liability thing. And yes, it’s STUPID.

  2. Weird! But come to think of it, one of the two times we’ve been to see a friend after a hospital birth, I do remember the nurse bringing the baby in an isolette to see the mother. That is pretty darn weird!

  3. Yep. I had the same rule for my hospital birth – no carrying of babies in arms. They said we might pass out, having just gone through the trauma of birth and all…

    • Yeah, and I’m sure fathers are also on the verge of passing out at any moment. As are the baby’s grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles…. 🙂

  4. Yep, that’s weird. Totally.



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