Pregnancy and delivery is “yucky”?

Recently, one of my facebook friends (about 20 years old) who is in nursing school did one of those “Write 25 Random Things About Yourself” notes, and one thing she said was that she would like a large family, but that after her L&D rotation, she is thinking about adoption. Since she and her four siblings were all adopted, she knows the love an adoptive family can have for their children regardless of genetics, so I don’t think it’s sad that she is thinking adoption, per se. Rather, that her L&D experience made her want not to give birth.

This shouldn’t be. And it’s sad to me. I’m all for adoption, don’t get me wrong; but it’s sad that her exposure to birth has made her want not to give birth.

She said “the whole pregnancy and delivery thing is yucky.” Most people who are involved in birth, from what I’ve seen, think that pregnancy and birth are beautiful. One L&D nurse said that when she’s assisting at a C-section, she always makes sure she’s on the belly side of the screen so she can see the baby come out — she always loves that part, whether the baby is born vaginally or by C-section. I wonder why this young woman already has a negative opinion about it. Maybe just “diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks” — not everybody likes mustard and not everybody likes birth. But to think it’s “yucky”? That’s just sad to me.


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  1. That’s just immature to me. There is not one area in nursing that does not involve blood, guts, body fluids etc. Every fluid involved in delivering a baby is there for a purpose. This young (assumption) lady (assumption) may view female organs are for one purpose only, sex. She may not be able to get over that woman can do other amazing things with our bodies besides sex. Her attitude about Labor and Delivery is born out of ignorance and fear. Saying giving birth is “yucky” is incredibly immature. Would she say comforting a dying patient, or recovering a surgical patient, or bathing a paralyzed patient is also “yucky”? “Like OH MY GOD! The baby comes out from where?”

  2. When I had my last baby I asked that she not be wiped off after she was born. As I was nursing her for the first time the nurse said are you sure you don’t want to me to help clean you up? I had a very small amount of blood on my hand and my little girl had the normal amount of blood and vernix on her. When I said no she said that most women are horrified if the baby is not completely clean when they hold them for the first time.
    Before I pass judgement I must admit that my first two babies were brought to me all cleaned up before I held them. But I wish that everyone could experience the first moments of their babies life like I have.

    • My SIL is one of the women who insists the baby be clean before she sees it — when her first or second baby was born, the doctor or nurse put the baby on her abdomen straight after the birth, and she wouldn’t touch her or hold her, instead asking that the nurse take the baby and clean her up before giving her back to her.

      My first baby was born in water, so was obviously very clean when I first touched him; my second baby had very little blood on him at all. But I’ve seen some births that had very bloody babies. Maybe if I had one of those, I *might* have been a little squeamish and not held him skin-to-skin; but as it was, there was no reason not to!

  3. I had an L&D nurse in my childbirth class, and she was scared to DEATH of labor/birth. Panic-stricken would be more like it. Kind of sad that what they see makes them so scared. She ended up with a cesarean.

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