Circumcision Websites

The NoCirc website has been updated, with a new video (about 20 minutes long) about circumcision. I watched the whole thing (except I fast-forwarded through the part of the video that shows the actual surgery — I watched the old video which was excruciating to sit through, and refuse to watch another), and think it is very well done and informative.

Another website also recently brought to my attention is It’s a Boy! which also discusses the circumcision decision.

If you’re undecided about whether or not to circumcise, I think the question y0u really need to answer is “why?” “Because everybody else is doing it” is a stupid reason to do anything (as your mother probably told you many times in the past), and most of the other “reasons” given for circumcision are about as bad — because they are not founded in any real understanding of what circumcision does and what benefits there are to being intact. You can read my other posts on circumcision if you want more of my “take” on it — I need not repeat myself here. These websites do a good job of looking at the reasons typically given for choosing to cut off the tip of a newborn’s penis along with the rest of the prepuce, and point out the fallacies behind such reasons.

Update — one of my readers suggested this website for a Christian take on circumcision and being intact — highly recommended!

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5 Responses

  1. Great info!! Hubby and I have been discussing this and I wanted to give him more info about it to help him understand why I would rather not circumcise our sons!!

  2. May I also add a link for circ info for the Christian parent?

    Basically, some parents are on the fence about circing or not. Some think they have to because they are Christian. This is simply not the case as it is not required for Christians.

    I am not a fan of circumcision but I know religious beliefs play a huge role in people’s lives. Now Christians know they aren’t mandated to circ their children and the posted link provides more info as to why.

    • Jenni,

      Wow, great article!! FWIW, I have written a short post on circumcision that came to the same conclusions (Jan. ’08, I think), but I love the thoroughness of this! I will definitely add this to my side-bar, as well as amend this post to include it.

  3. It is really tough when circumcision is done for religious reasons.It becomes so much harder to avoid then.No rational arguments work.Every boy has to undergo this mutilation perforce then.It is not only cruel,it is also illogical.

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